Monday, 19 April 2021

April + VISTA ‎– Pit of My Dreams (2021)

Genre: Experimental, Electronic, Alternative
Format: Vinyl, FLAC
Label: Not On Label

1.   Cooperators
2.   Spite the Face
3.   What Is Enough 
4.   Every Void 
5.   I Hate It Here 
6.   The Receiver (featuring Zeroh) 
7.   Pit of My Dreams 
8.   22degreehalo 

All tracks produced by Matthew Thompson
Strings composed by April George
Cello on “Every Void” by Natalie Spehar
Cello on “Cooperators” & “The Receiver” by Devree Lewis
Viola on “Every Void” by Matt Gordon
Additional drums on “What Is Enough” by Rob Stokes
Violin on “Cooperators”, “Every Void” & “The Receiver” by Alexandra Cantalupo and Kait Moreno
Additional vocals on “Spite the Face” by Felicia “Sugg Savage” Soso, Anthony “Tony Cruise” Walker and Rob Stokes

New Music is an exercise in discovery. Once a week, I select an album out of my Bandcamp deep dives and write a few paragraphs about it.
The only rule: it has to be something recent, released within 90 days before publishing date. 
In between the hypnotism of household names such as Massive Attack and the liquidity of local phenomenons like Smoke City, classic trip-hop never held much ground amongst the experimental crowds looking for something more than well-executed crossovers. 
Hence my surprise in hearing a record that sounds like it could come from the aforementioned era and yet doesn’t dwell in revisionism. Pit of My Dreams, the latest release of Washington D.C. duo April + VISTA makes justice to its title: it’s a blurry dream sequence full of spooky shadows and grim touches, with the occasional moment of focus and tranquillity. 
April George (violinist, pianist, vocalist) and mattVISTA (producer, bassist) achieve quite a homogenous and fluid sound on this record, with a healthy dose of psychedelia and solid sound design. George’s sometimes grave, sometimes buttery, but always soulful voice is given the necessary spotlight without outshining VISTA’s full-bodied production and leftfield experimentation that gets more perceptible on a series of interludes that complement rather than interject the EP. 
If Pit of My Dreams serves as premonition, then here’s me hoping to wake up to an April + VISTA LP in the near future.
Emanuel Matos /The Juice Zine