Sunday, 21 March 2021

Øresund Space Collective ‎– Dead Man In Space (2010)

Style: Space Rock
Format: CD, Vinyl, FLAC
Label: Space Rock Productions

1.   High Pilots
2.   Who Tripped On The C(h)ord?
3.   Space Jazz Jam
4.   Dead Man In Space

Recording Engineer – Lars Lundholm
Mastered By – Henrik Udd

"Dead Man In Space" was released as an LP (300 copies) in early 2009. The vinyl edition only contains the three songs "High Pilots", "Space Jazz Jam 2.2" and "Dead Man In Space". The CD (1,000 copies) now includes the ten and a half minute "Who Tripped On The C (h) ord". The Silberling version also got a different cover picture (see upper box). The LP has the front view shown next to this paragraph. 
The extremely active band Øresund Space Collective ( ØSC ) manages to square the circle and makes the relativity theory of space or jam rock audible and yes, almost tangible. The sound collages are touching beyond measure and when a band affords the luxury of a thirty-two and a half minute opener, then the fuel tanks are still empty afterwards. 
ØSC pushes the gravity regulator back to zero and lets the listener participate in natural musical phenomena as a passenger. Thus time and space definitely get different coordinates than with other groups. What the combo do with synthesizers, guitars, bass and rhythm instruments is gigantic. This is what Jam Rock should sound like in the galactic alignment. Sounds that change like the movements of single cells are the order of the day and the understanding of this genre is defined by ØSC . 
In and of itself, you could add the second track to the first track without any problems. A large part is driven by the synthesizer and only at the end the guitars rock with different pressure and the finely created melody arcs feel good. 
"Space Jazz Jam 2.2" is different, because ØSC gives a lot of space to its love of jazz on "Dead Man In Space". The saxophonist Anders is part of the party and the guitars and woodwind instruments do something very clever as a warming-up. Only a few notes are played with a "Take Five" affinity and the brain unconsciously continues the following notes that have not been played. This number makes it all too clear how cross-genre space music can be with a different metric. If Anders is already there, then one can, as an exception, speak of a saxophone solo. 
The fact that the ØSC -Traumfabrik also does very well under headphones does not need to be explained any further. The playing time of the song "Dead Man In Space" could easily be mistaken for a typographical error. Three minutes! To put it bluntly, it could be called ridiculous. The title track of the CD, which has been expanded compared to the LP, is a solo piece (in a new remix version) by Dr. Space . The voice of Dr. Space like from a space capsule or station. All the spoken messages from the 'Doc from Space' do not have to be understood and in some cases it is not possible at all, because there are alienation effects. 
If you like really well-made space rock, you should n't miss Øresund Space Collective with "Dead Man In Space". This combo is one of the best bands of this style and all around you get great sounds drifting into the psychedelic.
Joachim 'Joe' Brookes / Rock Times