Thursday, 1 October 2020

HHY & The Macumbas ‎– Camouflage Vector - Edits From Live Actions 2017-2019 (2020)

 Genre: Electronic, Ethnography, World
Format: Cassete, FLAC
Label: yege Nyege Tapes

1.   Gysin Version
2.   Orfeu Version
3.   Barbaron Version
4.   Wilderness Of Glass Version
5.   Horror Vector

Edited and mixed by Jonathan Saldanha during Covid-19 lockdown in Kampala.

This release combines a series of live actions by HHY & The Macumbas, from November 2017 in a club in Barcelos to December 2019 in an oil tank in Tenerife Island, with a June 2019 open air performance featuring Adrian Sherwood on the mix in between.
HHY & The Macumbas emerged in 2008 from the cryptic SOOPA collective from Porto, a group of musicians and artists responsible for the early 00’s local experimental scene explosion. For the last decade, HHY&TM have been actively playing live with various ensemble configurations in venues, clubs and festivals all around Europe (Unsound, Primavera Sound, Supersonic, among many others).
HHY & The Macumbas are a shifting musical entity where circular percussive mutations, brass riffs and electronics are dubbed by echoes in often sensory-overload live actions. Founded by Jonathan Saldanha, the ensemble works as a rhythm laboratory, in a constant research involving pressure, exhilaration, alterity and warped time perception.