Saturday, 26 September 2020

Attilio Mineo ‎– Man In Space With Sounds (1962)

Genre: Electronic
Format: CD, Vinyl, FLAC
Label: Subliminal Sounds, Modern Harmonic

A1.   Welcome To Tomorrow
A2.   Gateway To Heaven
A3.   Soaring Science
A4.   Mile-A-Minute Monorail
A5.   Around The World
A6.   Century 21
B1.   Man In Art
B2.   The Queen City
B3.   Man Sees The Future
B4.   Boeing Spacearium
B5.   Science Of Tomorrow
B6.   Space Age World's Fair
Conductor – Attilio Mineo
Music By, Effects – Thomas J. Valentino, Inc.

Man In Space With Sounds is one of those legendary LPs many have heard about but few have ever actually heard or seen. A rare souvenir of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, this music served as the soundtrack to a ride called the Bubbleator, which transported fair visitors through an overview of the future, a technological utopia where science and space travel promised solutions to all of humanity’s plights. Needless to say, that future never arrived and this music (actually recorded in the early 1950s) still sounds as futuristic today as it must have back then.. The amazing aural and visual content of this endearing package transcend everything. A rare, sought-after gem made accessible at a reasonable price. 
The all-original compositions fall somewhere between nervous Philip Glass and 1950s sci-fi movie music, arranged with string orchestra in a sometimes rhythmic, polyrhythmic, or merely ambient cloud of odd electronic space noises. Despite its intended technological optimism, the music is quite heavy and menacing, and the future ultimately feels pretty scary. Regardless, this recording proves Attilio Mineo to be an unbelievably progressive and underappreciated composer and arranger.