Friday, 11 September 2020

Luke Vibert ‎– Big Soup (1997)

Genre: Electronic
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Mo Wax

01.   Intro - Welcome
02.   Rank Rink Ring
03.   Voyage Into The Unknown
04.   Fused Into Music
05.   No Turn Unstoned
06.   Reality Check
07.   M.A.R.S.
08.   Stern Facials
09.   Am I Still Dreaming?
10.   2001 Beats
11.   Music Called Jazz
12.   Space Race
13.   So Long - Outro

Producer, Written-By – Luke Vibert

While many electronica artists cover at least a little bit of every style extant on each of their recordings, Luke Vibert has maintained a bit of isolation for his various pseudonyms -- Vibert/Simmonds was a harsh techno record, Wagon Christ charted a course through ambient music and hip-hop (definitely leagues away from what is known as trip-hop), and Plug became his alias for experimental jungle excursions. The first album he actually recorded as Luke Vibert, 1997's Big Soup, lies closer to straight-ahead hip-hop than any of his previous projects, with great production which fills in the gaps and vocal samples doing their own share. With an ever-growing legion of abstract hip-hop maestros boring the socks off listeners, however, the stakes are upped for Vibert to create an instrumental rap record with listenability. If he didn't succeed, he at least managed better than most of the crowd. Though most of the record is downtempo, the addition of the jungle-based "Fused Into Music" (with a break borrowed from his Plug record) does lend a bit of variety to the proceedings.
John Bush / AllMusic