Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Swayzak ‎– Himawari (2000)

Genre: Electronic
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Medicine Label

01.   Illegal
02.   Kensai Rising
03.   State Of Grace
04.   Leisure Centre
05.   Mysterons
06.   Doobie
07.   Caught In This Affair
08.   Japan Air
09.   Pineapple Spongecake
10.   The Frozen Loch
11.   Floyd
12.   Betek

Producer – Henrik Corpi, Kenny Paterson
Written-By – David Brown, James Taylor

Even as their meld of jazzy house and experimental dub became a hot commodity on the electronics scene, the British duo Swayzak pulled back from the form slightly on their sophomore album. Also in contrast to their deep dub-techno excursions on split-singles with Detroit's Theorem, Himawari scatters influences from electro ("State of Grace"), dub poetry ("Illegal"), house ("Caught in This Affair"), acid ("Mysterons"), and ambient techno ("Doobie"). Still, the album isn't a radical departure; most of these inspirations are cycled through Swayzak's fondness for gorgeous, electrified, echoing synth waves. And even though Himawari has a surprising focus on vocal tracks (with featured guests Benjamin Zephaniah, Kirsty Hawkshaw, and J.B. Rose), the duo's less-is-more aesthetic still comes in loud and clear -- and sounds immediately distinctive. When the pair most closely revisit the shimmering, slinky nu-house of their debut ("Japan Air," "Leisure Centre"), the results are especially inspired. It's a bit of a shame that Swayzak moved on so quickly, but they made the transition as smooth as possible.
John Bush / AllMusic