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Hector Zazou – Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses Avec Hector Zazou (1991)

Style: Folk, Experimental, Ambient
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Philips, Phonogram

01.   Giramondu
02. Eramu In Camppu
03. Onda
04.   Acqua Chi Balla
05. Chi Lu Tempu
06.   Moita
07.   Terra Brusgiata
08.   Nanna
09.   Anima
10.   Memoria
11.   Veni
12.   Lettera A'Mamma
13.   Bambinellu
14.   In La Piazza
15.   Serinatu
16.   Rosula D'Orienti
17.   Notte

Clarinet – Ivo Papasov
Electric Piano – Christian Lechevretel
Guitar – Pierre Chaz
Percussion – Steve Shehan
Piano – John Cale
Piano, Written-By – Ryuichi Sakamoto
Saxophone – Manu Dibango
Saxophone Soprano – Renaud Pion
Synthesizer – Lightwave
Trumpet, Written-By – Jon Hassell
Written-By, Vocals – Gjhuvan-Petru Lanfranci, Patrizia Gattaceca , Patrizia Poli
Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By, Electronics – Hector Zazou

Leo Fazio – Sangue Pisado & A Música do Século XXI (2019)

Genre: Alternative, Neo-Soul, Experimental, Avant-Garde
Format: FLAC
Label: Not On Label

01.   Uma Palavra e Nada Mais
02.   Cobra-Coral
03.   Sofia Suicidou-se
04.   Porra
05.   Olha Aqui Pra Mim Meu Bem
06.   Delírio de Lorena (feat. Murilo Sá)
07.   Querida, me Arranhe e etc...
08.   Crime (feat. Pedro Pastoriz)
09.   Um Choro Calado
10.   Balada do Anjo de Barro
11.   Serenata
12.   Do Katendê

Bateria - Márcio Reis;
Baixo - Pedro Tavares, Everton Surerus
Guitarra - Everton Surerus
Teclado - Luiz Henrique Andrès
Sintetizadores - Vítor Marsula
Piano - Gustavo Coutinho
Casio DG-1 - Skipp Worm (aka. Alejandro)
Beats, Sintetizadores - Matheus Cornely
Backing vocals - Murilo Sá
Violão, Clarinete, Baixo, Erhu (violino chinês), Violoncelo, Bandolim, Cuíca, Percussões, Voz - Leo Fazio

Hector Zazou ‎– Sahara Blue: MTM VOL. 32 (1992)

Style: Art Rock, Experimental, Ambient
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Made To Measure, Crammed Discs, ArsNova

01.   I'll Strangle You
02.   First Evening
03.   Ophélie
04.   Lines
05.   To A Reason
06.   Hapolot Kenym
07.   Hunger
08.   Sahara Blue (Brussels)
09.   Amdyaz
10.   Victim Of Stars
11.   Harar Et Les Gallas
12.   Lettre Au Directeur Des Messageries Maritimes

Effects – Lightwave
Guitar – Kent Condon
Horns – Renaud Pion
Keyboards – Hector Zazou u
Percussion – Steve Shehan
Piano – Ryuichi Sakamoto
Vocals – Sussan Deyhim
Mixed By – Gilles Martin, Hector Zazou
Orchestra – Sahara Blue Orchestra
Words By – Arthur Rimbaud
Producer, Arranged By – Hector Zazou

There's an old saying that one is only as good as the people with whom one collaborates. Judging by the list of musical contributors to Hector Zazou's Sahara Blue, Zazou is quite good indeed. Among many others, those adding their own touch to Zazou's album include Bill Laswell, Dead Can Dance, John Cale, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Tim Simenon. Zazou devised the album as a mix of musical styles set to lyrics/vocals taken from the pen of Arthur Rimbaud. While it might appear like a pretentious undertaking on paper, the album is a cohesive slice of eclectic music-making. Jazzy spoken word songs such as "Ophelie" intermingle with throbbing dance-oriented numbers like "I'll Strangle You" and quiet, peaceful piano-based meditations such as "Harar et les Gallas." Dead Can Dance duo Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard work their particular magic on "Youth," exchanging vocals, and on "Black Stream," where Perry's dark, somber synth weeps around Gerrard's stunning vocals and yang chin. Zazou himself mostly stays in the background, providing production and electronic sounds, allowing the players to showcase their abilities. John Cale provides two showstoppers in "First Evening" and "Hunger," his voice never sounding better. All of the musicians and vocalists turn in winning performances, so it's almost not fair to call out specific contributors. Sahara Blue is an album that could have been plodding and obscure, but instead it's mostly quite accessible and emotionally and artistically revealing. Albums dealing so heavily in mood and atmosphere are rarely as full of joy as Sahara Blue.
Tim DiGravina / AllMusic