Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Benjamin Lew ‎– Nebka / MTM VOL. 17 (1988)

Style: Ambient
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Crammed Discs, Made To Measure

01.   Tori. Près De La Soierie
02.   Les Traces D'Un Pont
03.   Ces Lignes Tremblées Et L' Absence De Couleurs Vives
04.   Partout Du Sable
05.   Qui Regarde
06.   Joyeux Regrets Imprécis
07.   Comme Tout Embué, Tout Danse
08.   Nebka
09.   Départ
10.   Wewak. Port Sur Le Pacifique
11.   Qu'Il Fasse Nuit
12.   Portrait Fidèle

Cello – Claudine Steenackers
Clarinet, Percussion – Marc Hollander
Electronics – Benjamin Lew
Engineer, Effects – Gilles Martin
Violin – Blaine L. Reininger
Composed By – Benjamin Lew
Producer – Benjamin Lew, Gilles Martin

Sudden Sway ‎– Spacemate (1986)

Style: Alternative Rock, Abstract, Art Rock, Ambient, Synth-pop, Experimental
Format: Vinyl
Label: WEA, Blanco Y Negro

The Past
A01.   The Total Love Plug?
A02.   Ah Metal Blossom ?
A03.   Hey Hey Extra Guys?
A04.  Father I Do (Digga Do)?
A05.   Past The Program?
The Present
B01.   Sing Song
B02.   Drink Xtravite
B03.   Get Fartherized
Somewere Else
C01.   O Copper Eskimo
C02.   Fatherise
C03.   The Complete Electrician
The Future
D01.   Omnispend Sway
D02.   Rockyswaystuf
D03.   The Great Smell Of Sway
D04.   Romeoplan
D05.   Dial-A-Change-Sway
D06.   Pro-Defense League
D07.   Official Sway Look
D08.   Project Program
D09.   Swayness The Jingle
D10.   Father's Eyes

Written-By – Sudden Sway
Producer – Sudden Sway

Elliott Sharp ‎– ARC 3 Cyberpunk And The Virtual Stance 1984-88 (1998)

Style: Abstract, Synth-pop, Experimental
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Atavistic

01.   Virtual Stance
02.   Raka
03.   Tubing
04.   Dodecane
05.   PKD
06.   GiPiA
07.   Bee And See
08.   Korpor
09.   Two Faces Stare
10.   Gazm
11.   Moolah
12.   GiPiC
13.   Our Town
14.   Looppool
15.   Hexen

ARC, Vol. 3: Cyberpunk and the Virtual Stance collects recordings made between 1984 and 1988, all dedicated to exploring the possibilities of technology in music. As one might gather from Elliott Sharp's usual approach to music making, this means an experimental approach to electronics, not a techno record. Some of the album's tracks simply build from electronic loops and will only truly appeal to those interested in Sharp's avant-garde composition; others work from driving beats and wind up with an industrial-strength groove that pioneers the territory that the harsher side of techno was settling into at the time.
Nitsuh Abebe / AllMusic

David Linton ‎– Orchesography (1986)

Style: Art Rock, Experimental
Format: Vinyl
Label: Neutral records

A1.   Fireworks
A2.   A Nile-Ist
A3.   Die Komponist
B1.   Dia Del Dollar
B2.   Sacre Pas
B3.   Lumbago Dub

Executive-Producer – Catherine Ceresole, Nicholas Ceresole
Producer – Bruce Tovsky, David Linton, Roli Mosimann
Recorded By, Mixed By – John Erskine, Roli Rox

New York Avant percussionist / composer David Linton's first (and only) solo LP is a wild ride through various twisted veins of New York post-modern avant-gardism circa Reagan's second term. Released on Glenn Branca's Neutral Records near the end of its run in 1986, Orchesography is a harrowing, chunky romp through the signifiers of NYC's "Downtown Scene" heyday, executed with a metric ton of twitchy, off-kilter energy.  
The album's 6 lengthy tracks blend the randomized sample-delica of explorers like Christian Marclay or Nicolas Collins with the grinding, industrial-funk chug of Bill Laswell's early outings. Cheeky classical samples, stomping DMX, and mega-fuzzed guitar skronk congeal into aspics of street-level low-bitrate crud, gelatinous and sharp in equal measure. I want to say "Art of Noise on acid" but the post-metal shred aspect of some tracks makes whiskey and speed more believable.  
The album's maximalist approach and sardonic energy give the whole thing a bludgeoning, hypnogogic vibe, like a cartoonish fever dream, topped with cover art on that whole Melvins-ass "dark kitsch" tip so you know it's a hard Gen X affair. Recommended for fans of Death Comet Crew or the first Praxis album, though the cuts here are even more zonked in terms of sound design and sheer jump-cut schizo spec. An unheralded cross-brow masterpiece.
Grippers Tips / DJML

Benjamin Lew / Steven Brown ‎– A Propos D'Un Paysage / MTM VOL. 16 (1988)

Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Crammed Discs, Made To Measure, ArsNova

01.   Moments
02.   Les Enormes Et Pourtant Invisibles
03.   Profondeurs Des Eaux Des Laques
04.   Une Telle Richesse
05.   S'Ignorer
06.   Paresseuse Aussi
07.   Au Sujet D'Un Paysage
08.   Face A Ce Qui Se Derobe
09.   Nouvelles Observations
10.   La Vie Aussi
11.   Etendue

Mixed By – Lew, Martin, Hollander, Brown
Recorded By – Gilles Martin
Written-By  – B. Lew, Brown