Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Margaret Murray & Chorus Of The Children's Opera Group - Vintage Lullabies (2013)

Genre: Children's, Folk, World, & Country
Format: CD, MP3
Label: Master Classics Records

01.   Improvisation in 3/4 Time
02.   Improvisation in 4/4 Time
03.   Tom Tom the Piper's Son
04.   Instrumental Pieces I
05.   Instrumental Pieces II
06.   Instrumental Pieces III
07.   Instrumental Pieces IV
08.   Instrumental Pieces V
09.   Instrumental Pieces VI
10.   Instrumental Pieces VII
11.   Instrumental Pieces VIII
12.   Instrumental Pieces IX
13.   Instrumental Pieces X
14.   Sleep, Baby Sleep
15.   Three Instrumental Pieces I
16.   Three Instrumental Pieces II
17.   Three Instrumental Pieces III
18.   Cradle Song
19.   Three Ostinato Pieces I
20.   Three Ostinato Pieces II
21.   Three Ostinato Pieces III
22.   Ostinato Piece I
23.   Ostinato Piece II
24.   Ostinato Piece III
25.   Ostinato Piece IV
26.   Ostinato Piece V
27.   Instrumental Rondo
28.   Instrumental Piece
29.   Two Dance I
30.   Two Dance II
31.   Instrumental Piece
32.   Instrumental Piece
33.   Instrumental Dance

Adapted By, Translated By – Margaret Murray
Chorus – The Chorus Of The Children's Opera Group

John Lurie ‎– Music From The Original Scores: Stranger Than Paradise And The Resurrection Of Albert Ayler / MTM VOL. 7 (1985)

Style: Soundtrack, Contemporary Jazz
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Made To Measure, Enigma Records

A1.   Bella By Barlight
A2.   Car Cleveland
A3.   Sad Trees
A4.   The Lampposts Are Mine
A5.   Car Florida
A6.   Eva & Willie's Room / Beer For Boys / Eva Packing
A7.   The Good And Happy Army
A8.   A Woman Can Take You To Another Universe; Sometimes She Just Leaves You There
B1.   Sixties Avant-Garde
B2.   Sex With Monster
B3.   You Owe Me Money
B4.   Resurrection

Bass – Tony Garnier
Drums – Douglas Bowne
Featuring – The Paradise Quartet
Guitar – Arto Lindsay
Orchestrated By – Evan Lurie
Percussion – E.J. Rodriguez, Toni Nogueira
Saxophone – John Lurie
Trombone – Curtis Fowlkes
Violin – Jill Jaffee, Mary Rowell
Producer – John Lurie

Charles Hayward ‎– Survive The Gesture (1987)

Style: Art Rock, Experimental
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: nk Records, Birdsong, Hayabusa Landings

01.   Make Believe
02.   Let's Pretend
03.   North Southwark
04.   Pretend To Believe
05.   Crystal Palace
06.   This Misunderstanding
07.   You And Me
08.   Time And Motion
09.   That Distant Light
10.   Australia

Tuba – Dave Powell
Accordion – Lesley Evans
Bass, Guitar – Trefor Goronwy
Piano, Vocals, Music By, Words By – Lew Evans
Music By, Words By – Charles Hayward
Vocals, Instruments, Arranged By, Producer – Charles Hayward

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets ‎– Stop Look Listen (2016)

Genre: Funk / Soul
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Record Kicks, Sony Music

01.   Don't Look
02.   Release Me
03.   I'm Not Your Regular Woman
04.   Smiling Faces
05.   2 Kinds Of Men
06.   It's Today
07.   I'm Coming Home
08.   Be Ma Fela
09.   Let's Talk About The Kids
10.   So Long
11.   I Wanna Go Back
12.   Hit Me (hidden track)

Baritone Saxophone – Paulo Gravato
Bass – Sérgio Marques
Drums – Hugo Danin
Guitar – Bruno Macedo
Keyboards – Sérgio Alves
Percussion – Manu Idhra
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – João Martins
Trombone – João Sêco
Trumpet – José Silva, Rui Pedro Silva
Vocals – Marta Ren
Music Director – Sérgio Marques
Arranged By – The Groovelvets
Mixed By, Producer – New Max