Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Christian Gaubert ‎– Last Exit (1979)

Genre: Funk / Soul
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: RCA Victor, Production Dessinée

1.   It
2.   Man On A Wire
3.   Sweet And Fool Like A Child
4.   Going Ups And Coming Downsert
5.   Sweet Maryline
6.   Keep On ! Keep On
7.   We're Together
8.   Running Wave

Arranged By – Christian Gaubert
Baritone Saxophone – Jean-Louis Chautemps, Romain Mayoral
Bass Guitar – Jannick Top
Drums – Dino Latore
Drums, Percussion – Jean Schultheis
Electric Guitar – Claude Engel, Raymond Gimenes
Fender Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizer – Christian Gaubert
Percussion – Marc Chantereau
Tenor Saxophone – Alain Hatot, Jean Pierre De Barba, Patrick Bourgoin
Trombone – Christian Guizien, Hamid Belhocine, Jacques Bolognesi
Trumpet – André Lidli, Freddy Hovsepian, Kako Bessot, Tony Brenes
Vocals – Last Exit
Producer – Carla Music, Monstros Music

Steve Spacek ‎– Houses (2020)

Style: Deep House, Experimental, Future Jazz
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Black Focus Records

01.   Rawl Aredo
02.   Waiting 4 You
03.   Where We Go
04.   Tell Me
05.   African Dream
06.   Songlife
07.   Higher Place
08.   Single Stream
09.   Love 4 Nano
10.   Bright Eyes Rev (Bonus Track)
11.   Yu Used To Love Me (Bonus Track)
12.   Who Cares (Bonus Track)
13.   Child Insperation (Bonus Track)

Now doing it for burgeoning UK jazz and beats label Black Focus Records (Kamaal Williams), Spacek dishes up what he calls “a bunch of house riddims” in the distinctive style that he’s ploughed for over 20 years. But where his early band recordings with Spacek were elaborate studio affairs, in recent years he’s favoured a peripatetic mode of productions, making beats on his iPhone with apps that allow him to work organically and free-flowing, whenever he likes. 
As found on 2018’s ‘Natural Sci-Fi’ album, he continues to get great results from the instant iPhone method  of creation on ‘Houses’, trading on a classic brand of jazz-funk inspired dance music, but doing it with a tiny fraction of the kit used in the records he references. Its production values may not necessarily make for “club bangers”, but it does allow him to catch amn all-important vibe between the percolated shimmy of ‘Waiting 4 You’, the natty step of ‘Where We Go’ his sweetly off-kilter roller ‘Tell Me’, and the rude rag of ‘Love 4 Nano’, while lending an unusual, even surreal intimacy to the likes of his soulful downstroke ‘Single Stream’.