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The Limiñanas ‎– I've Got Trouble In Mind Vol.2 - 7" And Rare Stuff 2015/2018 (2018)

Style: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Because Music

01.   The Mirror
02.   Two Sisters
03.   Maria's Theme
04.   La Cavalerie
05.   Russian Roulette
06.   The Inventor
07.  The Train Creep A-Loopin - Live At Secret Location Sound Studio, Melbourne
08.   Nuit Fantôme
09.   The Gift - Anton Mix
10.   Angels And Devils
11.   Witches Valley
12.   Curse Of Santa Claus
13.   Time Will Tell
14.   Wunderbar
15.   The Woods
16.   Lord Of Flashington
17.   Silent Night

Guest, Mellotron – Renaud Picard
Guest, Oud, Bouzouki – Laurent Sales
Guest, Bass – Mickey Malaga
Guest, Bass, Backing Vocals – Peter Hook
Guest, Guitar – Alban Barate, Ivan Telefunken
Guest, Guitar – Nicolas Delseny
Guest, Guitar, Mellotron – Anton Newcombe
Guest, Lead Vocals – Anton Newcombe, Kirk Lake, Nika Leeflang, Odliz Bemer, Renaud Picard
Guest, Backing Vocals – Nika Leeflang, Renaud Picard, The Pink Tiles
Guest, Piano, Accordion, Organ, Guitar – Pascal Comeladepet – Benjamin Faconnier
Guest, Violin – Bertrand Belin
Guest, Whistling – Laurent Sales
Band, Backing Vocals – Marie Limiñana
Band, Drums, Percussion – Marie Limiñana
Band, Instruments – Lionel Limiñana
Band, Lead Vocals – Lionel Limiñana, Marie Limiñana

Making a swift return following 2018s fêted Shadow People, storied French psych rock duo The Limiñanas issue a second collection of rarities, standalone singles and unreleased material. Plotting a course through vintage US garage rock, classic French and pulsatant motorik beats, the duo’s psych/garage/yé-yé alloy has seen them become a wellspring of off-kilter but melodic psychedelia. Maintaining a prolific release rate since their inception a decade ago, it speaks for the quality of Marie and Lionel Limiñana’s offcuts that the material here is easily strong enough to be compared to many band’s official albums. 
Focusing on the highlights, a cover of The Kinks’ Two Sisters sees BJM leader and kindred spirit Anton Newcombe makes an appearance on vocals. Live favourite Russian Roulette originally by UK goth-punks Lords of the New Church, which featured members of Dead Boys and Sham 69 also highlights the couple’s wherewithal on cover versions. 
Found on the flip side of the excellent Istanbul is Sleepy which also featured Newcombe, Nuit Fantôme is a pocket symphony psych mantra that incorporates a spoken word verse, a massed chorus chant and suitably gothic atmosphere into four minutes, while La Cavalrie is excellent retro pop. Brilliantly locating the mid-point between the Mary Chain and New Order (unsurprising, as Peter Hook features on bass), The Gift (Anton Mix) streamlines the original down to a radio-perfect three and a half minutes. 
Showcasing their fondness for soundtracks, Maria’s Theme doffs its cap to is Morricone, while The Inventor is a curious but successful combination of Brian Jones’ Master Musicians of Joujouka project overlaid with a Kosmiche groove and what sounds like a Nouvelle Vague film playing next door. The sashaying garage rock of Witches Valley is reminiscent of The Seeds’ classic Pushin’ Too Hard, while The Woods and a live take on The Train Creep A Loopin’ are solid instrumental cuts. 
The Mirror is a slight misfire, with novelist Kirk Lake performing his lyrics as a spoken word piece, showcasing how difficult the form is to truly nail when compared with the likes of Gerard Langley from art rock outfit The Blue Aeroplanes. Featuring two curveball Yuletide tracks, one self-penned, The Cure of Santa and one traditional, Silent Night, aside from inessential items Wunderbar and Lord of Flashington (have they been watching Blackadder?) towards the close, I’ve Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2 is a strong new addition to the duo’s catalogue. 3/5
Richard Lewis / Bearded Magazine

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