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Revolting Cocks ‎– Live! You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch (1988)

Style: Industrial, Noise
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Wax Trax! Records, TVT Records

01.   You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch
02.   Cattle Grind
03.   We Shall Cleanse The World
04.   38
05.   In The Neck
06.   You Often Forget
07.   TV Mind
08.   Union Carbide
09.   Attack Ships On Fire
10.   No Devotion

Backing Vocals – The Revolting Pussies
Producer – Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan
Recorded By – Tim Powell

Arriving two years after the debut Big Sexy Land, Revolting Cocks' You Goddamned Son of a Bitch wasn't so much a live album as a truer, sicker representation of the group's angrily mechanistic, claustrophobic industrial grunt. Joining ringleader Al Jourgensen were Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly, Paul Barker, and Bill Rieflin; together, they energized the stark nihilism of the Big Sexy material with insulting stage banter, vocals, samples that hit with a more vicious edge, and relentless programming and electronic percussion that removed the human being's eventual need for a rest. The result was a grinding industrial endurance test. In addition to "TV Mind" and "We Shall Cleanse the World," Goddamned Son of a Bitch was highlighted by its title track and "In the Neck"." ("I'm a killing machine!," went the latter's less than subtle lyrics, and it wasn't hard to believe.) Rykodisc reissued the album in 2004, as part of a series celebrating the early part of Al Jourgensen's career. Newly mastered, the album was also expanded to two discs, and augmented with live versions of "Stainless Steel Providers" and P.I.L.'s "Public Image" from a 1990 12". 
Johnny Loftus  / AllMusic

Revolting Cocks ‎– Big Sexy Land (1986)

Style: Industrial, Noise
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Wax Trax! Records, Devotion

01.   38
02.   We Shall Cleanse The World
03.   Attack Ships On Fire
04.   Big Sexy Land
05.   Union Carbide (West Virginia)
06.   TV Mind
07.   You Often Forget (Malignant) From 12”
08.   No Devotion
09.   Union Carbide (Bhopal Mix)
10.   Attack Ships On Fire (From 12”)
11.   No Devotion (From 12”)
12.   TV Mind Remix (Alternative Mix)
13.   On Fire

Keyboards – Patrick Codenys
The Revolting Cocks Are – Alain Jourgensen, Luc Van Acker, Richard 23
Written-By, Instruments, Vocals – Revolting Cocks
Producer, Engineer – Alain Jourgensen

Helping to establish the Midwestern tradition of prolific industrial cross-pollination, Chicago industrial-dance supergroup Revolting Cocks released their debut Big Sexy Land appropriately enough on Wax Trax! in 1986. Featuring Ministry's Al Jourgensen and Chris Connelly (Fini Tribe/KMFDM) among others, the group produced an electronic grind that fans of Wax Trax! artists from this era will find very familiar. Plenty of slap bass and contorted samples abound on highlight cuts like "We Shall Cleanse the World," "No Devotions," and the most house-influenced track, "TV Mind." Fine dance music with plenty of cool synth and sample trickery, Big Sexy Land is a distinguished debut from a "side project" that occasionally surpasses the day-job work that its members became famous for. 
Vincent Jeffries / AllMusic