Wednesday, 19 June 2019

The Waterboys ‎– The Waterboys (2002 Remestared) (1983)

Style: Folk Rock, Blues Rock
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label:  Island Records, Chicken Jazz, EMI, Chrisalys

01.   December
02.   A Girl Called Johnny
03.   The Three Day Man
04.   Gala (Unedited)
05.   Where Are You Now When I Need You?
06.   I Will Not Follow
07.   It Should Have Been You
08.   The Girl In The Swing
09.   Savage Earth Heart
        Bonus Songs
10.   Something Fantastic
11.   Ready For The Monkeyhouse
12.   Another Kind Of Circus
13.   A Boy In Black Leather
14.   December (Original 8-Track Mix)
15.   Jack Of Diamonds

Bass – Nick Linden, Norman Rodger, Steven Tayler
Drums – Kevin Wilkinson, Ray Masseyt
Organ – Delahaye
Saxophone – Anthony Thistlethwaite
Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Written-By – Mike Scot
Producer – Mike Scott, Rupert Hine

Carlos Paredes ‎– Espelho De Sons (1988)

Style: Fado
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Philips

         A. Coimbra E O Mondego
1.1.   Variações (Variations)
1.2.   Variações A (Variations A)
1.3.   Variações B (Variations B)
         B. Os Amadores – The Amatheurs
2.1.   Desenho Duma Melodia (Drawing Of A Melody)
2.2.   Amargura (Bitterness)
2.3.   O Discurso (The Speech)
         C. A Canção – Songs
3.1.   Melodia Para Um Poeta (Song For A Poet)
3.2.   Canção De Alcipe (Alcipe Song)
         D. O Teatro – The Theater
4.1.   A Noite (The Night)
4.2.   O Fantoche (Puppet Show)
         E. Lisboa E O Tejo
5.1.   Canto Do Amanhecer (Day Break In Town)
5.2.   Serenata (Serenade)
5.3.   Dança Palaciana (In A XVIIIth Century Palace)
5.4.   Canto Do Trabalho (Work Song)
5.5.   Jardins De Lisboa (Verdes Anos) – (Sunday In A Lisbon Garden)
5.6.   Canto De Rua (Street Song)
5.7.   Canto Do Rio (Tagus Song)
         F. A Dança – Dances
6.1.   Prólogo (Abertura Para Um Bailado) – (Opening For A Dance)
6.2.   Raiz (Dança Melancólica) – (Melancolic Dance)
6.3.   Dança De Camponeses (Peasants Dance)
         G. A Mãe E O Lar – Mother's Home
7.1.   Canto De Embalar (Lullaby)
7.2.   Canto De Amor (Love Song)
         H. Contrastes – Contrasts
8.1.   Sede (Winter Song)
8.2.   Canto Da Primavera (Spring Song)

Classical Guitar – Fernando Alvim, Luísa Maria Amaro
Portuguese Guitar Built By – João Pedro Grázio Júnior
Portuguese Guitar, Liner Notes – Carlos Paredes
Producer – Tozé Brito
Recorded By – José Manuel Fortes
Written-By – Carlos Paredes

Cymande ‎– Cymande (1972)

Style: Blues Rock, Roots Reggae, Soul
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Janus Records, GRT, RCA Victor, Philips

1.   Zion I
2.   One More
3.   Getting It Back
4.   Listen
5.   Rickshaw
6.   Dove
7.   Bra
8.   The Message
9.   Ras Tafarian Folk Song

Alto Saxophone, Flute, Bongos – Mike Rose
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Derek Gibbs
Bass Guitar, Supervised By – Steve Scipio
Congas – Pablo Gonsales
Drums – Sam Kelly
Guitar – Patrick Patterson
Tenor Saxophone – Peter Serreo
Vocals, Percussion – Joey Dee, Ray King
Producer, Liner Notes – John Schroeder

Here’s a stone-classic album that’s still not widely known enough—even with its uplifting funk track “Bra” being sampled by De La Soul on “Change In Speak” from 3 Feet High & Rising and appearing in Spike Lee’s 1994 film Crooklyn. (Hip-hop and electronic-music producers have sampled Cymande at least 77 times, according to Cymande put out three strong albums (I’ve not heard their fourth, Arrival), but their debut is the best, if only judging by how often I play tracks from it in DJ sets. It’s one of those rare funk full-lengths that you can play from start to finish without lifting the needle off a tepid ballad. 
But to call Cymande merely a funk band is inadequate. The English nonet—who featured musicians from London, St. Vincent, Guyana, and Jamaica—also incorporated jazz, reggae, calypso, and progressive rock in their inspirational tracks, and such hybridization resulted in highly flavorful material that is bathed in a spiritual glow that can’t be faked. Cymande call it “nyah-rock,” which they describe in the liners as “the music of the man who finds in life a reason for living.” I’ll say. 
Side 1 is largely mellow and meditative and marked by Patrick Patterson’s fluid guitar ruminations, Steve Scipio’s lithe bass lines, Mike Rose’s circuitous flute motifs, and Ray King’s soulful vocals that carry subtle hints of Caribbean patois. LP opener “Zion I” is the exception: a spiritual reggae tune with righteous massed vocals and a bass line on which you can trampoline. 
Side 2 is where Cymande really shines. “Dove” (sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan in “Problems” and the Fugees in “The Score,” among many other places) is simply one of the greatest pieces of music ever waxed. It begins in great intrigue, Patrick Patterson’s guitar modulating a Santana-esque wail, setting the scene for Steve Scipio’s world-beating, sidewinder bass line to lift the track onto a higher, more libidinous level. Stealthy, undulant funk beats and blissed-out “la la la la-la”s contribute to making the 11-minute “Dove” one of the ultimate sex jams. The aforementioned “Bra” is simply one of the most joyous pieces of music ever waxed. The next time you’re really down, play it and feel your worries dissolve amid its levitational rhythms, percolating congas and bongos, and triumphant horn charts. “The Message” is more subdued, but no less seductive with its nocturnal funk strut. “Ras Tafarian Folk Song” is definitely the album’s weak link, but that could just be my bias against religious belief systems talking. Thankfully, it’s over in three minutes. Everything else on Cymande, though, deserves to be blazed into your memory banks till your last breath—especially “Dove.” 
Buckley Mayfield / Jive Time Records