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Ezra Collective ‎– You Can't Steal My Joy (2019)

Style: Contemporary Jazz, Contemporary R&B, Afrobeat
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Enter The Jungle Records

01.   Space Is The Place (Reprise)
02.   Why You Mad?
03.   Red Whine
04.   Quest For Coin
05.   Reason In Disguise
06.   What Am I To Do?
07.   Chris And Jane
08.   People Saved
09.   Philosopher II
10.   São Paulo
11.   King Of The Jungle
12.   You Can’t Steal My Joy
13.   Shakara

Bass – TJ Koleoso
Drums – Femi Koleoso
Percussion – Juan Pablo
Piano, Electric Piano – Joe Armon-Jones
Tenor Saxophone – James Mollison
Trumpet – Dylan Jones
Performer (All Songs Performed By) – Ezra Collective

Joy is a term readily associated with London jazz quintet Ezra Collective. Establishing themselves in recent years as central to the burgeoning London jazz scene through energetic live sets led by powerhouse band-leader Femi Koleoso, their self-released EPs – 2016’s Chapter 7 and 2017’s Juan Pablo: The Philosopher – have opened the genre up to younger and more diverse audiences attracted by their blend of afrobeat, hip-hop and soul improvisations.The release of their long-awaited debut LP continues this jazz-fusion narrative, opening with spiritual jazz classic Space Is the Place before moving on to the meditative piano of Philosopher II and neo-soul inflected rap of Loyle Carner-feature What Am I To Do? 
While this generic meandering might seem jarring, Ezra Collective make it part of their ethos – a patchwork celebration of jazz’s enduring diversity. The collective’s strengths come in its longstanding telepathic musicianship with highlights on jazz-leaning instrumentals such as King of the Jungle and Shakara, featuring Kokoroko. The record is a joyous listen, which will only be enhanced on their forthcoming tour, and a confident assertion of Ezra Collective breaking out of the once-restrictive jazz enclave. 
Ammar Kalia / The Guardian

Block 16 ‎– Morning Sun (2001)

Style: Deep House, Downtempo
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Nuphonic, P-Vine Records

01.   Find An Oasis (Featuring – Jhelisa)
02    Morning Sun (Featuring – Jon Lucien)
03.   Slow Hot Wind
04.   My Sunshine (Featuring – Bim Sherman)
05.   And Voodoo
06.   Electrokution
07.   Can't Stop (Featuring – Robert Owens)
08.   Sweet Bassoon
09.   Ain't Got No Time For No Jibber Jabber
10.   The Land Is You (Featuring – Jhelisa)
11.   Find An Oasis - String Reprise (Featuring – Jhelisa)
12.   Find An Oasis

Although this project cannot be faulted for it's musical intentions, it displays such an array of multiple musical personalities that in a blindfold test it might lead you to think you were hearing a compilation album. The nucleus of this act, DJ/producer Glen Gunner, keyboard player Pete Zivkovic and sound engineer Raj Gupta have lovingly pulled together their favourite influences, styles, and legendary vocalists (including Jon Lucien, Robert Owens and even the late Bim Sherman) into a kind of aural 'wish list'. 
That said, what they have achieved across these disparate styles is an impressive, organic sound. From the wonderfully lush string arrangements backing Jhelisa's voice on the oh so soulful 'Find An Oasis' (with a large nod of acknowledgement to 4 Hero's 1998 'Two Pages' album) to old school electro, techno and hip hop, to latin & jazz funk, dub reggae, house, 2-step soul and whatever else took their fancy. To some, such genre-hopping may suggest a lack of a focused direction whilst others may be relieved at the variety of music contained within this project. What can't be denied is the authority with which these musical nuggets have been forged, with obvious loving care and attention to detail. To these ears, the standout moments are the vocal tracks, especially Jon Luciens' contribution to the title track "Morning Sun" which could almost have been lifted directly from one of his classic (and highly collectable) 1970's albums. Block 16 may have some trouble presenting this music in a live context (it's never going to be easy getting samplers and string quartets to gel convincingly onstage) but that's probably not uppermost in their mind just yet. This release may confuse some with it's eclectic vision, but the sound within is of a rare quality and though Block 16 may not be thankful for this comment - it would make a great soundtrack to any summer party!
Greg Boraman  / BBC Review

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– Contra Mundum (2010)

Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Avantgarde, Funk, Synth-pop
Format: CD
Label: Presente

01.   Ritual Transdisco
02.   My Rat Ta-Ta
03.   Wild 'n' Chic
04.   Slave For Slave
05.   Noite De Chuva Em Campo-de-Ourique
06.   Eastern Streets
07.   Mr. Sorry
08.   Diary Of A Soldier (I Saw U Dancin')
09.   (How I Miss Your Furious Kisses) In My Room
10.   Electric G
11.   La Nostra Feroce Volontà D'Amore
12.   Har Megido's Lullaby
13.   He Believe In Fairys

Credits: Bass – Zé Pedro Moura Drums – Nuno Castedo Guitar – Paulo Monteiro Keyboards, Synthesizer – Eduardo Vinhas Vocals, Lyrics By – João Peste Producer – Pop Dell'Arte

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– POPlastik 1985-2005 (2006)

Style: Art Rock, Avantgarde, Experimental, Funk
Format: CD
Label:  Different Star

01.   Querelle
02.   Sonhos Pop
03.   (J'ai Oublié) All My Life
04.   Stranger Than Summertime
05.   My Funny Ana Lana
06.   Illogik Plastik
07.   Janis Pearl
08.   Rio Line
09.   Avanti Marinaio
10.   Turin Welisa Strada
11.   Sprung Aus Den Wolken
12.   Mrs. Tyler
13.   No Way Back
14.   O Amor É... Um Gajo Estranho
15.   Esborrre
16.   2002 (Neu Erotik Mix)
17.   Little Drama Boy
18.   Poema Para Noiva Circular Em Betão Armado Plástico Cor-De-Rosa & Rádio Digital Programado Em FM
19.   Poppa Mundi
20.   So Goodnight

Bass – Zé Pedro Moura, Pedro Alvim)
Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Noises – Luís San-Payo
Guitar – João Pedro Simões, Paulo Monteiro
Guitar, Electronics – No Noise Reduction, Rafael Toral
Guitar, Programmed By – Jorge Ferraz
Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Sapo
Percussion – João Matos
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Guitar – Carlos Luz, Tiago Miranda
Lyrics By – João Peste
Vocals, Effects – João Peste

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– So Goodnight (2002)

Style: Pop Rock, Experimental
Format: CD
Label: Candy Factory

1.   Mrs. Tyler
2.   So Goodnight
3.   The Sweetest Pain
4.   Pound By Pound
5.   The Witch Queen Of The U.S.A.
6.   Little Drama Boy

Engineer – Rui Bagulho
Mastered By – João Lopes
Performer – Carlos Luz, Jorge Ferraz, Zé Pedro Moura, João Matos, João Peste, Luís San-Payo, Paulo Monteiro, Tiago Miranda

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– Sex Symbol (1995)

Style: Art Rock, Glam, Experimental
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Polydor, PolyGram

01.   All You Need Is Money
02.   My Funny Ana Lana
03.   Planet Lakroon
04.   Zip Zap Woman
05.   Orange Kaleidoscope
06.   Moon In Your Room
07.   A Sex Machine (With Hands To Kill)
08.   Ragga Mecca Mix
09.   H2t
10.   Be Bop
11.   Poppa Mundi

Bass – Pedro Alvim
Drums, Percussion, Drum Machine, Sequencer – Luís San-Payo
Graphics, Image Editor – Alberto Faria, Paulo Monteiro
Guitar – João Paulo Simões (Gê.Pê), Paulo Monteiro
Vocals, Lyrics By – João Peste
Producer – Amândio Bastos, Luís San Payo

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– Ready-Made (1993)

Style: Techno, Downtempo, Experimental, Indie Rock
Format: CD
Label: Variodisc, Ama RomantaStyle: Techno, Downtempo, Experimental, Indie Rock
Format: CD
Label: Variodisc, Ama Romanta

1.   2002
2.   Janis Pearl
3.   The Ballad Of Lilly-Io
4.   Green Lantern (Is On The Road Again)
5.   808 Loop
6.   MC Holy

Bass – Zé Pedro Moura, Pedro Alvim
Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Noises – Luís San-Payo
Guitar – João Pedro Simões, Paulo Monteiro
Guitar, Electronics – No Noise Reduction, Rafael Toral
Guitar, Programmed By – Jorge Ferraz
Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Sapo
Percussion – João Matos
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Guitar – Carlos Luz, Tiago Miranda
Lyrics By – João Peste
Vocals, Effects – João Peste

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– Arriba! Avanti Pop Dell'Arte (1991)

Style: New Wave, Experimental, Indie Rock
Format: CD
Label: Candy Factory, Ama Romanta

1 Querelle
2 Mai '86
3 Sonhos Pop04.   Esborre
05.   Illogik Plastik
06.   Poema Para Noiva Circular Em Betão Armado Plástico Cor-De-Rosa Com Rádio Digital Programado Em 0FM
07.   O Amor é... Um Gajo Estranho
08.   Sprung Aus Den Wolken
09.   Sonhos Pop (Remix Alcoólica)
10.   Turin Welisa Strada (Demo '85)

Performer – José Pedro Moura, João Peste, Luís San-Payo, Rafael Toral, Sapo
Producer – João Peste, Nuno Rebelo, Pop Dell'Arte, Rafael Toral

Pop Dell'Arte ‎– Free Pop (1987)

Style: New Wave, Experimental, Indie Rock, Art Rock
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Ama Romanta

01.   Berlioz
02.   Rio Line
03.   Loane & Lyane Noah
04.   Avanti Marinaio
05.   Dell' Arte Je M'Enroque
06.   Pi Latão
07.   Turin Welisa Strada
08.   Bladin
09.   PoliGrama
10.   Juramento Sem Bandeira

Bass – Zé Pedro Moura
Drums – Luís San-Payo
Guitar – Rafael ToralSapo
Vocals – João Peste
Producer – Nuno Rebelo, Pop Dell'Arte

Repórter Estrábico ‎– 1 Bigo (1994)

Genre: Electronic, Pop
Format: CD
Label: Numérica

01.   Prince
02.   Umbigo
03.   Malditos Headphones
04.   O Grande Bongo
05.   I Want More
06.   Pele
07.   Surfista Prateado
08.   Smlxl
09.   Mr. Fred
10.   Born To Sample

Bass – Anselmo Canha
Drums – Brouschy
Guitar – José Ferrão, Paulo Lopes
Keyboards – Manuel Ribeiro
Vocals – Nuno Pires
Voice – José Ferrão

Laurie Anderson ‎– Mister Heartbreak (1984)

Style: Ethereal, Pop Rock, Avantgarde, Experimental
Format: CD, Vinyl, Cass.
Label: Warner Bros. Records

1.   Sharkey's Day
2.   Langue D'Amour
3.   Gravity's Angel
4.   Kokoku
5.   Excellent Birds
6.   Blue Lagoon
7.   Sharkey's Night

Bass – Bill Laswell
Drums – Anton Fier
Guitar – Adrian Belew
Vocals, Synthesizer – Laurie Anderson
Mixed By – Mike Krowiak
Producer – Bill Laswell, Laurie Anderson

Probably the most pop-accessible of Laurie Anderson's recorded work, Mister Heartbreak features a number of stunning luminaries on the cutting edge of popular music at the time. Striking guitar work by King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew permeates this disc -- notably on "Sharkey's Day" -- punchy and angular. The production and bass work from Bill Laswell is superb. Peter Gabriel -- at the time still coming off the buzz of his departure from Genesis -- is featured in a duet with Anderson on "Excellent Birds." There is a heavy reliance on early-'80s synthesizers which would normally be very off-putting, but here they are executed well. Nowhere does the music slip into irreparable '80s cliché; it is still an entertaining listen. Lyrics are typical of Anderson' work -- complex, literate, provocative, difficult to fully comprehend. Haunting "Gravity's Angel" borrows imagery from Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. Spoken word delivery on "Sharkey's Night" is given by the legendary William S. Burroughs. This is a very satisfying listen and a great intro for those unfamiliar with Anderson's work. 
Mark Allender / AllMusic

Philip Glass ‎– Songs From Liquid Days (1986)

Style: Modern Classical, Experimental, Vocal
Format: CD, Vinyl, Cass.
Label: TC-FM 40-39564, FM 40-39564

1.   Changing Opinion
2.   Lightning
3.   Freezing
4.   Liquid Days (Part I)
5.   Open The Kingdom (Liquid Days, Part II)
6.   Forgetting

Alto Saxophone – Richard Peck
Bass – John Beal
Cello – Frederick Zlotki
Conductor – Michael Riesman
Flute – Jack Kripl, Paul Dunkel
French Horn – Robert Carlisle, Joseph Anderer
Keyboards – Michael Riesman, Philip Glass
Producer – Kurt Munkacsi
Trombone – James Pugh
Trombone (Bass) – Alan Raph
Trumpet – Philip Ruecktenwald, Stephen Burns, Wilmer Wise
Viola – Jill Jaffe, Paul Doktor, Sol Greitzer
Violin – Carol Pool, Elliot Rosoff, Linda Quan, Marti Sweet, Richard Sortomme, Sanford Allen
Conductor – Michael Riesman
Performer – The Philip Glass Ensemble
Producer – Kurt Munkacsi