Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Waldeck ‎– Balance Of The Force (1998)

Style: Trip Hop, Downtempo
Format: CD Vinyl
Label: Sray Records, E-Magine Entertainment

01.   Defenceless
02.   Spy Like An Angel
03.   Children Of The Ghetto
04.   Slaapwagen
05.   Aquarius
06.   Northern Lights
07.   Wake Up
08.   Superpopstar
09.   Death Of A Piano Salesman
10.   Moon

Music By – Amoo Christopher & Eddie, Galt McDermot, Klaus Waldeck
Producer – Waldeck, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Mörth, Uptight

Though it comes from a previously unheard producer, Balance of the Force certainly begins on a high note, with the down-tempo soul of "Defenceless." While Waldeck himself takes the keyboards (both electric and standard piano), the deep groove of what sounds like a live drum set frames the yearning vocals of Joy Malcolm. It's that rare thing in electronic circles: the perfect integration of vocal track and production, with both pulling equal weight to set the mood. Amidst a beautiful, effortless transition, Waldeck moves on to "Spy Like an Angel," with male vocalist Brian Amos doing much the same as Malcolm did one track earlier. Either of these voices appears on all but two of the tracks here, the exceptions being the eerie, cinematic instrumentals "Slaapwagen" and "Moon." Fellow downbeat maestros Kruder & Dorfmeister help out on production for the sublime "Aquarius," and except for the slight reliance on a previously trademarked sound, Balance of the Force stands as one of the most quietly beautiful records of vocal trip-hop -- just slightly behind masterpieces like Portishead's Dummy and Massive Attack's Mezzanine. 
John Bush / AllMusic

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