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Tom Tom Club ‎– Tom Tom Club (1981)

Style: Dub, Synth-pop, Disco
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Sire, Island Records, A&M Records

01.   Wordy Rappinghood
02.   Genius Of Love
03.   Tom Tom Theme
04.   L' Éléphant
05.   As Above, So Below
06.   Lorelei
07.   On, On, On, On...
08.   Booming And Zooming
09.   Under The Boardwalk
10.   Lorelei (Remix)
11.   Wordy Rappinghood (Remix)
12.   Genius Of Love (Long Version)

Producer, Performer – Chris Frantz, Steven Stanley, Tina Weymouth
Performer – Adrian Belew, Benjamin Armbrister, Kendall Stubbs, Lani Weymouth, Laura Weymouth, Loric Weymouth, Monte Browne, Tyrone Downie

"Who needs to think when your feet just go?" So sings Tina Weymouth on Tom Tom Club's debut album. And rightly so -- this was the sunny break in the islands that the rhythm section of Talking Heads wanted, and they got it, away from the art-school intellectualism that had resulted in the classic but understandably very unsunny Remain in Light. This album, a collection of funky, sprightly little tunes recorded in Barbados with Weymouth's sisters, husband, and drummer Chris Frantz, and several of the members of the Remain in Light tour group: Adrian Belew, guitar, and Steven Stanley, percussion. Ironically, hoping to toss off a fun album under the radar, the group came out with an album, the best tracks of which, "Genius of Love" and "Wordy Rappinghood," became enormously influential throughout the '80s and '90s, eventually getting ripped off wholeheartedly for Mariah Carey's "Daydream." The album also marks a point in music history when the New York alternative scene and the burgeoning hip-hop scene were influencing each other, when both parties were on to something new. It's a snapshot of a time, and still holds together fairly well.
Ted Mills / AllMusic

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