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Lee 'Scratch' Perry + Dub Syndicate ‎– Time Boom X De Devil Dead (1987)

Genre: Electronic, Reggae
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Music On CD, Zonophone, On-U Sound

01.   S.D.I
02.   Blinkers
03.   Jungle
04.   De Devil Dead
05.   Music & Silence Lover
06.   Kiss The Champion
07.   Allergic To Lies
08.   Time Conquer
09.   Jungle (Original 7'' Version)
10.   Jungle (China Wall)
11.   Jungle (Big Hot Plate)
12.   Jungle (Disco Plate)
13.   Night Train

Backing Vocals – Akabu
Bass – Dr.Pablo, Errol Holt, Evar
Drums – Style Scott
Keyboards – Dr. Pablo, Kishi Yamamoto
Lead Guitar – Dr. Pablo, Martin Frederix
Percussion – Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, Lee Perry
Piano – Kishi, Steely
Rhythm Guitar – Bingy Bunny, Martin Frederix
Saxophone – Deadly Headley
Producer – Adrian Sherwood, Lee Perry

For those familiar with the work of British dubmeister and producer extraordinaire Adrian Sherwood, the thought of he and Scratch working together sets off fits of near-Pavlovian salivating. This collaboration is excellent, and Perry and Sherwood (both of whom traffic in an idiosyncratic sound and approach to production) sound perfectly suited as collaborators. What helps considerably is the effectiveness of Sherwood's band the Dub Syndicate, who rock a little harder than the Upsetters and create edgier, more brittle soundscapes for Perry to romp through and Sherwood to produce (although it should be noted that Perry had a hand in the production too). Perry's toasting and singing are not as manic as on Battle of Armagideon, but he delivers the goods on tracks like "S.D.I" and "Allergic to Lies."
John Dougan / AllMusic

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