Thursday, 16 May 2019

Curtis Mayfield ‎– Something To Believe In (1980)

Style: Funk, Soul
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label:  RSO, Cortum

1.   Love Me, Love Me Now
2.   Never Let Me Go
3.   Tripping Out
4.   People Never Give Up
5.   It's Alright
6.   Something To Believe In
7.   Never Stop Loving Me

Drums – Wendell Stewart
Guitar – Ross Traut, Tom Ferrone
Keyboards – Rich Tufo, Tim Tobias
Percussion – Alejo, Tony Carpenter
Producer – Curtis Mayfield
Producer, Arranged By – Gil Askey
Horns – Arthur Hoyle, Bill Porter, Dale Clevenger, Gil Askey, Lenny Druss, Paul Howard, Robert Lustrea, Sonny Seals
Strings – Adrian Gola, Arnie Roth, Elizabeth Cifani, Frank Borgogne, Fred Spector, Hal Klatz, John Frigo, Karl Fruh, Leonard Chausow, Roger Moulton, Sol Bobrov, William Schoen

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