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Chari Chari ‎– Spring To Summer (2000)

Style: Abstract, Acid Jazz, Ambient
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Ultima Sounds, File Records

01.   Flow Dub Outta Borneo
02.   Spring Ocean (Smoker's Delight)
03.  Across The Universe
04.  The Sun Song
05.  Udu Spiral Monkey Dance
06.  Life In Flow Motion
07.  Solar-Pass
08. Buddha & Jewel
09.  We
10.   Ti Burung
11.   Subtropica
12.   Enter The Metal Circle

Kaoru Inoue aspired to be a DJ around the Nineties, being fully active playing diverse music such as House, Afro,Brazil, Latin, Break Beats, Jazz, Techno, etc, in his own distinctive style at various clubs in Tokyo. Apart from DJing, he also was producing songs and participated in a compilation album called 'LISTEN UP' (released from Universal Ape) in 1994. Taking advantage of this, he started his own musical project, CHARI CHARI. After his first opportunity of releasing his own production, he produced many songs for independent labels such as the UK label, PUSSYFOOT owned by HOWIE B. and EMIGRATION both at home and abroad as well as doing many remixes for these labels. In August1999, his first solo album, 'SPRING TO SUMMER' was released by File Records and received great reaction from inside and outside Japan specially from underground club music scene. 
This album was also released from the label, ULTIMA in Portugal to the world in January 2001.At the moment, he is participating in various kinds of parties around the world as a guest DJ and also producing songs for compilations such as 'BOSSA TRES JAZZ…'(YELLOW PRODUCTION in France) as well as doing remixes for many artists in the world for instance, Femi Kuti, NXS, Crue-l Grand Orchestra, OOIOO, Frankie Valentine, Soft, Buffalo Daughter, Calm, Port Of Notes , Arto Lindsay, Bebel Gilbert to name a few. In Jan. 2002, his 2nd album,'in time' was released from Toy's Factory Records in Japan. This album included the big hit song called 'Aurora' which was also featured recently on Deep & Sexy 2 mixed and compiled by Ron Trent released by Wave Music. This song was also supported by many DJs (Francois K., Danny Krivit, Joe Clausell, Jazzanova, etc.) from around the world. 
In 2003, he started his own label called 'Seeds and Ground' under the Japanese independent label, 'Crue-l Records'. He forms a band called Aurora with his production partner, DSK aka Daisuke Kojima. In this band, he plays guitar and in fall 2004, released their debut album, 'Flare' (SAGCD005). In summer 2005, with his real name, Kaoru Inoue, he produced a more dance oriented album which was a first for him called 'The Dancer' (SAGCD007). 
In March 2006, he releases under his own name, a very ambient-style in abundance, an album called 'Slow Motion' (ACCR10049) from the label, Rush! Production as well as another album with Aurora called 'Fjord' (SAGCD010) from seedsandground around the same period. He put out the mix CD titled "groundrhythm2" in late 2006. 
Kaoru Inoue periodically DJs as well. Holding residencies at Club Air for a regular party called 'groundrhythm' and at Unit called 'FLOATRIBE'. He regular DJs at a cross section of places whether it be inside or out. And recently, has been regularly playing live with his group, Aurora and a progressive live session band called 'Floatribe Live Session'.  
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