Sunday, 2 September 2018

Tom Zé ‎– Tom Zé (1972)

Style: MPB, Psychedelic
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Polysom, Continental, Alvorada

A1.   Happy End
A2.   Frêvo
A3.   A Babá
A4.   Menina, Amanhã
A5.   Dor E Dor
A6.   Senhor Cidadão
B1.   A Briga Do Edifício Italia Com O Hilton Hotel
B2.   O Anfitrião
B3.   O Abacaxi De Irará
B4.   O Sândalo
B5.   Se O Caso É Chorar
B6.   Sonho Colorido De Um Pintor

Bass – Gabriel
Guitar – Osn
Organ – Casali
Percussion – Oswaldo
Engineer – José Cordeiro
Performer – Tom Zé

A surrealistic 1972 album from one of the greatest overlooked geniuses of Brazilian music. Tom Zé is one of the most shining examples of avant-garde invention in Latin music, next to Caetano Veloso and Jorge Ben. This album is more on the downbeat folk singer/songwriter tip than the rigorous avant-garde experimentation of his late-'70s period or his '90s revival. This self-titled album remains, in its own right, an exquisite collection of lyrical twists and delicate bossa nova tunes that should be tracked down by collectors of Tropicalia. Numerous tracks from this album were anthologized on David Byrne's excellent Brazil Classics series, but the album in particular didn't get reissued officially until 2002. The album displays a different side to his quirky genius, with more attention given to the text than to the idiosyncratic rhythm structures which are the signature of his work.
Dean McFarlane / AllMusic