Thursday, 3 May 2018

Wah! ‎– The Maverick Years 80-81 (1982)

A1.   Remember
A2.   Somesay
A3.   The Truth About Eddie
A4.   The Checkmate Syndrome
A5.   I Know There Was Something...
B1.   Shambeko
B2.   Sleeep
B3.   Otherboys
B4.   What's Happening Here?
B5.   Seven Minutes To Midnight
B6.   The Bible Or Maths

Wah! ‎– Nah=Poo - The Art Of Bluff (1981)

A1.   The Wind-Up
A2.   Otherboys
A3.   Why D' You Imitate The Cutout?
A4.   Mission Impossible
A5.   Somesay
B1.   The Seven Thousand Names Of Wah!
B2.   Sleeppp
B3.   Seven Minutes To Midnight
B4.   The Death Of Wah!