Monday, 26 February 2018

Visions Congo ‎– Mulago Sound Studio (2017)

1.   Old Parrots of Leper Island
2.   The Hoima Witch and the Songye Mask

Robert Forster ‎– Songs To Play (2015)

01.   Learn To Burn
02.   Let Me Imagine You
03.   Songwriters On The Run
04.   And I Knew
05.   A Poet Walks
06.   I'm So Happy For You
07.   Love Is Where It Is
08.   Turn On The Rain
09.   Love Myself (And I Always Have)
10.   Disaster In Motion

Rain Parade ‎– Crashing Dream (1985)

A1.   Depending On You
A2.   My Secret Country
A3.   Don't Feel Bad
A4.   Mystic Green
A5.   Sad Eyes Kill
B1.   Shoot Down The Railroad Man
B2.   Fertile Crescent
B3.   Invisible People
B4.   Gone West
B5.   Only Business

The Rain Parade ‎– Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (1983)

A1.   Talking In My Sleep
A2.   This Can't Be Today
A3.   I Look Around
A4.   1 Hr 1/2 Ago
A5.   Carolyn's Song
B1.   What She's Done To Your Mind
B2.   Look At Merri
B3.   Saturday's Asylum
B4.   Kaleidoscope
B5.   Look Both Ways