Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Limiñanas ‎– Shadow People (2018)

Style: Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Because Music

01.   Ouverture
02.   Le Premier Jour
03.   Istanbul Is Sleepy
04.   Shadow People
05.   Dimanche
06.   The Gift
07.   Motorizzati Marie
08.   Pink Flamingos
09.   Trois Bancs
10.   De La Part Des Copains

Electric Guitar, Mellotron – Anton Newcombe
Drums, Percussion – Marie Limiñana
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Organ (Farfisa), Bass, Stylophone, Keyboards (Micro Korg), Bass (Morocan Bass), Bouzouki – Lionel Limiñana
Producer – Anton Newcombe, Lionel Limiñana

Following the swanky cool of the E.P Istanbul is Sleepy by a few months, the new album from French veterans of 60s garage beat and psychedelia, The Limiñanas, peddles a similar groove-enriched strain of psych-rock that sounds contemporary, while cribbing the best of their influences. 
Musical couch-surfer, Anton Newcombe has been collaborating with the band in recent times. This has had the effect of synthesising the relative strengths of each of the artists. A coterie of friends indeed. Also, since Malamore, The Limiñanas have shifted a little more into the trance aspects of psych-pop, whilst sheltering behind vocals inspired by the detached cool of Serge Gainsbourg, the great French master of pop erotica. The voice on tracks such as ‘Dimanche’ has a rhythmic drive and poetic meter. It doesn’t even matter what the [mostly] French lyrics reveal because the voice, as an instrument, caresses the mood so effortlessly. It matters not from where the breeze emanates. The guitars layer the sound with looping melodica and percussion, a gently assuaging sound that manages to incorporate the sound of police sirens on ‘De La Part Des Copains’, as if this is no longer an intrusion but shares a comforting affinity with urban life. The mood is nonchalant, a kind of ambulatory effervescence that doesn’t share the darkness of much of the psychedelic oeuvre. 
The ‘Ouverture’ sets the pace, a kind of Mozartian scene setting for much of what is to follow, themes that will recur – guitars, sitars, tambourines, distant broadcasts – a panoply of 60s garage sound updated with great enthusiasm for the easy swagger. ‘Le Premier Jour’ is sexy as hell, and surely is the godchild of later era Serge. Whatever the fuck it translates to, the vocals are the sensorial equivalent of a tropical massage. Beautiful stuff. ‘Istanbul is Sleepy’ males a re-appearance from the EP of 2017, and why not, it’s psych-pop masterwork. 
‘Shadow People’ is predominantly the female vocal of Guest, Emmanuelle Seigner which is a simple tune executed beyond its station. Deceptively engaging. ‘Trios Bancs’ is quite possibly the most accomplished track, setting a trance much like Moon Duo without the vortex of freaky guitar. Here the Interplay between the Limiñanas is so hot, it’s little wonder the album cover is drenched in sunburnt orange.
Rob Taylor  / Soundblab

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