Thursday, 26 October 2017

Lord Echo ‎– Curiosities (2013)

01.   Endless Dawn
02.   Bohemian Idol
03.   Digital Haircut
04.   Street Knowledge
05.   Molten Lava
06.   Put It In My Head
07.   The Creator Has A Master Plan
08.   Ghost Hands
09.   What Is That Feeling
10.   Arabesque

Spike Jones ‎– Dinner Music (For People Who Aren't Very Hungry) (1957)

A01.   Space Ship Landing
A02.   Assorted Glugs, Pbrts And Skks
A03.   Ramona
A04.   Mischa's Souvenir
A05.   Black And Blue Danube Waltz
A06.   Stark's Theme
A07.   The Old Sow Song
A08.   Pal-Yat-Chee
A09.   How High The Fidelity
A10.   Sub Normal Normal
A11.   Cocktails For Two
B01.   Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp
B02.   Woofer's Lament
B03.   Memories Are Made Of This?
B04.   The Sneezin' Bee
B05.   Little Child
B06.   Brahm's Alibi
B07.   Chloe