Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Neuromantic (1982)

A1.   Glass
A2.   Grand Espoir
A3.   Connection
A4.   New (Red) Roses
B1.   Extra-Ordinary
B2.   Drip Dry Eyes
B3.   Curtains
B4.   Charge
B5.   Something In The Air

Blue Aeroplanes ‎– Bop Art (1981)

A1.   Control Of Embassies
A2.   Pinkies Hit The Union
A3.   Gunning The Works
A4.   Owls
B1.   Outback Jazz
B2.   Chelsea Wallpaper
B3.   Bagpipe Music
B4.   Built In A Day