Thursday, 6 July 2017

Section 25 ‎– From The Hip (1984)

A1.   The Process
A2.   Looking From A Hilltop
A3.   Reflection
A4.   Prepare To Live
B1.   Program For Light
B2.   Desert
B3.   Beneath The Blade
B4.   Inspiration

Section 25 ‎– The Key Of Dreams (1982)

A1.   Always Now
A2.   Visitation
A3.   Regions
A4.   The Wheel
A5.   No Abiding Place
A6.   Once Before
B1.   There Was A Time
B2.   Wretch
B3.   Sutra

Section 25 ‎– Always Now (1981)

A1.   Friendly Fires
A2.   Dirty Disco
A3.   C.P.
A4.   Loose Talk (Costs Lives)
A5.   Inside Out
A6.   Melt Close
B1.   Hit
B2.   Babies In The Bardo
B3.   Be Brave
B4.   New Horizon