Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Forest Swords ‎– Engravings (2013)

Tracklist :
01.   Ljoss
02.   Thor's Stone
03.   Irby Tremor
04.   Onward
05.   The Weight Of Gold
06.   An Hour
07.   Anneka's Battle
08.   Gathering
09.   The Plumes
10.   Friend, You Will Never Learn

Forest Swords ‎– Rattling Cage (2010)

1.   Rattling Cage
2.   Hjurt

The Wake ‎– Here Comes Everybody (1985)

A1.   O Pamela
A2.   Send Them Away
A3.   Sail Through
A4.   Melancholy Man
B1.   World Of Her Own
B2.   Torn Calendar
B3.   All I Asked You To Do
B4.   Here Comes Everybody

The Wake ‎– Harmony (1982)

A1.   Judas
A2.   Testament
A3.   Patrol
A4.   The Old Men
B1.   Favour
B2.   Heartburn
B3.   An Immaculate Conception
B4.   Something Outside