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A Guy Called Gerald ‎– Hot Lemonade (1988)

Style: House, Techno, Acid House 
Format: CD, Vinyl, FLAC
Label: Rham!

01.   Hot Lemonade
02.   Rhythm Of Life
03.   Arcade Fantasy
04.   Radio Active
05.   Music Sweet Muzic
06.   In The Beginning
07.   K9
08.   Escape II
09.   I Am Somebody
10.   Tranquility On Phobos
11.   Voodoo Ray (Radio Mix)

Additional Keyboards – Colin Thorpe
Mastered By – Ian Cooper
Producer – A Guy Called Gerald, Paul Jones
Vocals – Aniff Cousins, Brenda Petrie
Written-By, Mixed By – A Guy Called Gerald

THERE'S A tiny photo on the sleeve of 'Hot Lemonade' of a shock-haired eccentric wired up to one of his fantastic inventions. That's Gerald Simpson, A Guy Called Gerald, the crazed dub professor of Acid House.

Coming out of nowhere in midsummer, Gerald took his 'Voodoo Ray' EP from local fame in the Northern House capital of Manchester to international acclaim as one of the most inventive producers in a genre that lived by its originality. Gerald is one of those rare independent activists who has been infused with life by the cyclic rhythms of House music. His slogan - as stated on the sleeve is keep it abstract; technology is his religion - he worships at the altar of Japanese software and the electronic kickdrum is his prayer call.

Gerald's talent is the subtle dissection of-fine slivers of noise, taking a shard of computer impulse, shredding it, rearranging it, repeating it: a born experimenter.

The sound is purest Acid, someplace between Tangerine Dream and 'Popcorn', while the beats are more frenetic than a pinball machine on overdrive. The microchip simplicity of titles like 'Arcade Fantasy' or 'Radio Active' testify to a Kraftwerk influence but the shy brightness of Gerald's smile means he could never be an androgynous showroom dummy.

The joys of perversity are the obscure glories of A Guy Called Gerald and this, perhaps, is the Acid House album to melt down all others. Keep on keeping it abstract, Gerald.
Matthew Collin /NME

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