Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lambchop ‎– Is A Woman (2001)

01.   The Daily Growl
02.   The New Cobweb Summer
03.   My Blue Wave
04.   I Can Hardly Spell My Name
05.   The Gusher
06.   Autumn's Vicar
07.   Flick
08.   Caterpillar
09.   D. Scott Parsley
10.   Bugs
11.   The Old Matchbook Trick
12.   Is A Woman

Sven Libaek ‎– The Set (1969)

A01.   Start Growing Up Now
A02.   The Set
A03.   Thoughts Of Regret
A04.   You'll Love It
A05.   Love Me
A06.   Night Ride
A07.   Suicide
A08.   That's Peg's Affair
A09.   Touching Hands
A10.   Opus
B01.   The Fate Of Life
B02.   Come And See
B03.   That's Peg's Affair
B04.   That's What I'm After
B05.   The Youngsters
B06.   Where The Daring Go
B07.   To The Maestro
B08.   Partytime At Bronski's
B09.   Start Growing Up Now

Sven Libaek ‎– Nature Walkabout (1966)

A1.   Nature Walkabout (Main Theme)
A2.   Bush Theme
A3.   Water And Waves
A4.   Nature Waltz
A5.   Excitement (Three Moods)
A6.   Desert
A7.   Peaceful Landscape
A8.   Danger
B1.   Lonely Australian Landcape
B2.   Dancing Penguins
B3.   Birds In Flight
B4.   Snake Danger
B5.   Budgerigars Fantasy
B6.   Danger Elements
B7.   Peaceful Landscape, Pt. 2
B8.   Fun Music