Friday, 23 December 2016

Terry Riley ‎– The Harp Of New Albion (1986)

A1.   The New Albion Chorale / The Discovery
B1.   The Orchestra Of Tao
B2.   Riding The Westerleys
C1.   Cadence Of The Wind
C2.   Premonition Bag
C3.   Return Of The Ancestors
C4.   Ascending Whale Dreams
D1.   The Magic Knot Waltz
D2.   Circle Of Wolves
D3.   Land's End

Terry Riley ‎– No Man's Land (1984)

A1.   Jewel Movement
A2.   Medusa's Refrain (Part Two)
A3.   A Spark From The Infinite (Part Two)
A4.   Return From The Dream Collector
B1.   Jaipur Local
B2.   Blue Anthem
B3.   A Spark From The Infinite (Part One)
B4.   Medusa's Refrain (Part One)

Terry Riley ‎– Shri Camel (1980)

A1.   Anthem Of The Trinity
A2.   Celestial Valley
B1.   Across The Lake Of The Ancient Word
B2.   Desert Of Ice

Terry Riley ‎– Happy Ending (1972)

A.   Journey From The Death Of A Friend
B.   Happy Ending

Terry Riley ‎– Persian Surgery Dervishes (1972)

Performance One
A.   Face 1
B.   Face 2
Performance Two
C.   Face 1
D.   Face 2

Terry Riley ‎– A Rainbow In Curved Air (1969)

A.   A Rainbow In Curved Air
B.   Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band

Terry Riley ‎– In C (1968)

1.   In C

Terry Riley ‎– Reed Streams (1967)

A.   Untitled Organ
B.   Dorian Reeds

The White Lamp ‎– Make It Good (Phon.o Remix) (2013)

1.   Make It Good
2.   Make It Good (Phon.o Remix)
3.   Make It Good (Galactic Disco Mix)
4.   Make It Good (Hannes Fischer Remix)
5.   Make It Good (Radio Edit)