Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Miles Davis Quintet ‎– Steamin' With The Miles Davis Quintet (1961)

A1.   Surrey With The Fringe On Top
A2.   Salt Peanuts
A3.   Something I Dreamed Last Night
B1.   Diane
B2.   Well You Needn't
B3.   When I Fall In Love

Ken Nordine ‎– A Transparent Mask (2001)

01.   As Of Now
02.   Hello
03.   Cat & Bird Blues
04.   You Know The Story
05.   For The Birds
06.   A Good Year For Spiders
07.   You Don't Love Me Blues
08.   The Bullfighter
09.   The Guru
10.   The Akond Of Swat
11.   You Were So Crazy
12.   Cliche Heaven
13.   Truth Mute
14.   Thousand Bingbangs
15.   Quark
16.   Fibonacci Numbers
17.   Hole In The Ego
18.   Miniver Cheevy
19.   A Thousand Dreams
20.   What's There To Do?

Ken Nordine ‎– Colors: A Sensuous Listening Experience (1966)

A01.   Olive
A02.   Burgundy
A03.   Lavender
A04.   Yellow
A05.   Green
A06.   Beige
A07.   Maroon
A08.   Ecru
A09.   Chartreuse
A10.   Turquoise
A11.   White
A12.   Flesh
B01.   Azure
B02.   Puce
B03.   Magenta
B04.   Orange
B05.   Purple
B06.   Muddy
B07.   Russet
B08.   Amber
B09.   Blue
B10.   Black
B11.   Gold
B12.   Crimson