Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Leonard Cohen ‎– Various Positions (1984)

A1.   Dance Me To The End Of Love
A2.   Coming Back To You
A3.   The Law
A4.   Night Comes On
B1.   Hallelujah
B2.   The Captain
B3.   Hunter's Lullaby
B4.   Heart With No Companion
B5.   If It Be Your Will

Leonard Cohen ‎– Recent Songs (1979)

A1.   The Guests
A2.   Humbled In Love
A3.   The Window
A4.   Came So Far For Beauty
A5.   The Lost Canadian (Un Canadien Errant)
B1.   The Traitor
B2.   Our Lady Of Solitude
B3.   The Gypsy's Wife
B4.   The Smokey Life
B5.   Ballad Of The Absent Mare

Leonard Cohen ‎– Death Of A Ladies' Man (1977)

A1.   True Love Leaves No Traces
A2    Iodine
A3.   Paper-Thin Hotel
A4.   Memories
B1.   I Left A Woman Waiting
B2.   Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On
B3.   Fingerprints
B4.   Death Of A Ladies' Man

Leonard Cohen ‎– Songs Of Love And Hate (1971)

A1.   Avalanche
A2.   Last Year's Man
A3.   Dress Rehearsal Rag
A4.   Diamonds In The Mine
B1.   Love Calls You By Your Name
B2.   Famous Blue Raincoat
B3.   Sing Another Song, Boys
B4.   Joan Of Arc

Scott Johnson ‎– John Somebody (1986)

A1.   Part 1
A2.   Part 2
A3.   Part 3: Involuntary Songs (Beginning)
B1.   Part 3: Involuntary Songs (Conclusion)
B2.   Reprise
B3.   No Memory