Thursday, 1 September 2016

P.D.Q. Bach, The New York Pick-Up Ensemble ‎– Music You Can't Get Out Of Your Head (1982)

"Howdy" Symphony In D Major
A1.   Introduzione Casuale; Allegro Con Mucho Brio
A2.   Andante Con Mojo
A3.   Menuetto Allegretto
A4.   Come Un Pipistrello Fuori Dall 'Inferno
Perückenstück (Hair Piece) From "The Civilian Barber"
B1.   Perückenstück (Hair Piece) From "The Civilian Barber"
Suite From "The Civilian Barber"
B2.   Entrance Of The Dragoons (Tempo Di Marsha)
B3.   Dance Of St. Vitus
B4.   His Majesty's Minuet
B5.   Fanfare For The Royal Shaft
B6.   Her Majesty's Minuet
B7.   Departure Of The Dragoons (Tempo Di On The Double)

P.D.Q. Bach, The New York Pick-Up Ensemble, John Ferrante ‎– Black Forest Bluegrass (1979)

Tracklist :
A1.   Cantata: Blaues Gras (Bluegrass Cantata)
B1.   No-No Nonette For Assorted Winds And Toys
B2.   Hear Me Through From Diverse Ayres On Sundrie Notions

P.D.Q. Bach ‎– The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach (1973)

1.   Spoken introduction
      Hansel & Gretel and Ted & Alice, an opera in one unnatural act, S. 2n-1 (P.D.Q. Bach)
      Aria: "I am a quaint old innkeeper"
      Aria: "Like a lonely pilgrim"
      Aria: "My name is Hansel Hunter"
      Aria: "I'm the village idiot"
      Aria: "Et expecto"
      Aria: "There's something about a monk"
      Duet: "Do you love me?"
      Interlude: Medical examination
      Aria: "I hope you'll take this friendly advice"
      Aria: "Teddy Nice is my name"
      Duet: "Jump not to conclusions"
      Finale: "Just tell me what your name is"

2.   The O.K. Chorale from the "Toot" Suite for calliope four hands, S. 212° (P.D.Q. Bach)

3.   Spoken introduction
      "Erotica" Variations, for banned instruments and piano, S. 36EE (P.D.Q. Bach)
      Theme: Windbreaker
      Variation I: Balloons
      Variation II: Slide Whistle
      Variation III: Slide Windbreaker
      Variation IV: Lasso D'Amore
      Variation V: Foghorn, Bell, Kazoo, Gargle

4.   Spoken introduction
      The Art of the Ground Round, for three baritones and discontinuo, S. 1.19/lb (P.D.Q. Bach)
      Loving is as easy
      Please, kind sir
      Jane, my Jane
      Golly golly oh
      Nelly is a nice girl

P.D.Q. Bach ‎– Report From Hoople: P.D.Q. Bach On The Air (1967)

1.   Signature theme - Intro - ECHO SONATA FOR TWO UNFRIENDLY GROUPS OF INSTRUMENTS - Tag - Station Break - Commercial "DO YOU SUFFER?"
2.   NEW HORIZONS IN MUSIC APPRECIATION: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (with Robert Dennis) - Time - Weather - News
3.   Intro - TRAUMARAI FOR UNACCOMPANIED PIANO - Station Break - Tag - Signature Theme
4.   Signature Theme - Intro - SCHLEPTET IN E FLAT MAJOR: Larghissimo—Allegro Boffo; Menuetto con Brio ma senza Trio; Adagio Saccarino; Yehudi Menuetto; Presto Hey Nonny Nonnio - Tag - Station Break
5.   Station Break - WHAT'S MY MELODIC LINE? - Time - News
6.   Intro - FUGUE IN C MINOR (from the Toot Suite for calliope for hands) - Tag - Station Break - WHAT'S HAPPENING IN HOME ECONOMICS (Beethoven's Revenge) - Commercial: "IF YOU HAVE NEVER" - Sign-off - Signature Theme