Monday, 22 August 2016

Tim Buckley ‎– Look At The Fool (1974)

A1.   Look At The Fool
A2.   Bring It On Up
A3.   Helpless
A4.   Freeway Blues
A5.   Tijuana Moon
B1.   Ain't It Peculiar
B2.   Who Could Deny You
B3.   Mexicali Voodoo
B4.   Down In The Street
B5.   Wanda Lou

Tim Buckley ‎– Greetings From L.A. (1972)

A1.   Move With Me
A2.   Get On Top
A3.   Sweet Surrender
B1.   Nighthawkin
B2.   Devil Eyes
B3.   Hong Kong Bar
B4.   Make It Right

Tim Buckley ‎– Lorca (1970)

A1.   Lorca
A2.   Anonymous Proposition
B1.   I Had A Talk With My Woman
B2.   Driftin'
B3.   Nobody Walkin'

Tim Buckley ‎– Starsailor (1970)

A1.   Come Here Woman
A2.   I Woke Up
A3.   Monterey
A4.   Moulin Rouge
A5.   Song To The Siren
B1.   Jungle Fire
B2.   Starsailor
B3.   The Healing Festival
B4.   Down By The Borderline

Tim Buckley ‎– Blue Afternoon (1969)

A1.   Happy Time
A2.   Chase The Blues Away
A3.   I Must Have Been Blind
A4.   The River
B1.   So Lonely
B2.   Cafe
B3.   Blue Melody
B4.   The Train

Tim Buckley ‎– Happy Sad (1969)

A1.   Strange Feelin'
A2.   Buzzin' Fly
A3.   Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway)
B1.   Dream Letter
B2.   Gypsy Woman
B3.   Sing A Song For You

Tim Buckley ‎– Goodbye And Hello (1967)

A1.   No Man Can Find The War
A2.   Carnival Song
A3.   Pleasant Street
A4.   Hallucinations
A5.   I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain
B1.   Once I Was
B2.   Phantasmagoria In Two
B3.   Knight-Errant
B4.   Goodbye And Hello
B5.   Morning Glory

Tim Buckley ‎– Tim Buckley (1966)

A1.   I Can't See You
A2.   Wings
A3.   Song Of The Magician
A4.   Strange Street Affair Under Blue
A5.   Valentine Melody
A6.   Aren't You The Girl
B1.   Song Slowly Song
B2.   It Happens Every Time
B3.   Song For Jainie
B4.   Grief In My Soul
B5.   She Is
B6.   Understand Your Man