Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Annie Anxiety Bandez ‎– Jackamo (1987)

A1.   As I Lie In Your Arms
A2.   Bastinado
A3.   Chasing The Dragon Down Broadway
A4.   Jackamo
B1.   Jack Yo Mama
B2.   One Mourning (For Marvin Gaye)
B3.   Rise
B4.   Hier Encore

Annie Anxiety ‎– Soul Possession (1984)

A1.   Closet Love
A2.   Third Gear
A3.   Turkey Girl
A4.   Burnt Offerings
B1.   To Know Evil
B2.   Sad Shadows
B3.   Viet Not Mine, El Salvador Yours
B4.   Waiting For The Fun