Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ride ‎– Nowhere (1990)

01.   Seagull
02.   Kaleidoscope
03.   In A Different Place
04.   Polar Bear
05.   Dreams Burn Down
06.   Decay
07.   Paralysed
08.   Vapour Trail
09.   Taste
10.   Here And Now
11    Nowhere

Rainy Day ‎– Rainy Day (1984)

A1.   I'll Keep It With Mine
A2.   John Riley
A3.   Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
A4.   Sloop John B.
A5.   Soon Be Home
B1.   Holocaust
B2.   On The Way Home
B3.   I'll Be Your Mirror
B4.   Rainy Day, Dream Away

The Beach Boys ‎– Surf's Up (1971)

A1.   Don't Go Near The Water
A2.   Long Promised Road
A3.   Take A Load Off Your Feet
A4.   Disney Girls (1957)
A5.   Student Demonstration Time
B1.   Feel Flows
B2.   Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
B3.   A Day In The Life Of A Tree
B4.   'Til I Die
B5.   Surf's Up

The Breeders ‎– Last Splash (1993)

01.   New Year
02.   Cannonball
03.   Invisible Man
04.   No Aloha
05.   Roi
06.   Do You Love Me Now?
07.   Flipside
08.   I Just Wanna Get Along (Lead Vocals – Kelley Deal)
09.   Mad Lucas
10.   Divine Hammer
11.   S.O.S.
12.   Hag
13.   Saints
14.   Drivin' On 9
15.   Roi (Reprise)