Friday, 8 July 2016

Felt ‎– Forever Breathes The Lonely Word (1986)

A1.   Rain Of Crystal Spires
A2.   Down But Not Yet Out
A3.   September Lady
A4.   Grey Streets
B1.   All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead
B2.   Gather Up Your Wings And Fly
B3.   A Wave Crashed On Rocks
B4.   Hours Of Darkness Have Changed My Mind

My Bloody Valentine ‎– Loveless (1991)

01.   Only Shallow
02.   Loomer
03.   Touched
04.   To Here Knows When
05.   When You Sleep
06.   I Only Said
07.   Come In Alone
08.   Sometimes
09.   Blown A Wish
10.   What You Want
11.   Soon

Laraaji Produced By Brian Eno ‎– Ambient 3 (Day Of Radiance) (1980)

A1.   The Dance #1
A2.   The Dance #2
A3.   The Dance #3
B1.   Meditation #1
B2.   Meditation #2

VA ‎– The Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets 1894-1928 (1991)

A1.   Dinwiddie Colored Quartet - Down On The Old Camp Ground
A2.   Dinwiddie Colored Quartet - Gabriel's Trumpet
A3.   Dinwiddie Colored Quartet - We'll Anchor Bye-and-bye
A4.   Polk Miller And His Old South Quartette - The Bonnie Blue Flag
A5.   Polk Miller And His Old South Quartette - Laughing Song
A6.   Polk Miller And His Old South Quartette - What A Time
A7.   Polk Miller And His Old South Quartette - The Watermelon Party
A8.   Polk Miller And His Old South Quartette - Jerusalem Mornin'
B1.   Old South Quartette - Oh What He's Done For Me
B2.   Old South Quartette - Watermelon Party
B3.   Old South Quartette - Unknown Title
B4.   Old South Quartette - Pussy Cat Rag
B5.   Old South Quartette - When De Corn Pone's Hot
B6.   Old South Quartette - No Hiding Place Down Here
B7.   Old South Quartette - Oysters And Wine At 2 A.M.
B8.   Gulf Coast Quartet - Happy Boy Blues
B9.   Gulf Coast Quartet - Alabama Blues

Françoise Hardy ‎– L'Amitié (1967)

A1.   Ce Petit Cœur
A2.   Il Se Fait Tard
A3.   Tout Ce Qu'On Dit
A4.   L'Amitie
A5.   En T'Attendant
A6.   Je T'Aime
B1.   Non Ce N'Est Pas Un Reve
B2.   Quel Mal Y A-t-Il À Ça (When I Get Through With You)
B3.   Tu Peux Bien
B4.   Le Temps Des Souvenirs
B5.   Je Pensais
B6.   Dis Lui Non (Say It Now)

Françoise Hardy ‎– La Premiere Bonheur Du Jour (1963)

A1.   La Premieer Bonheur Du Jour
A2.   Va Pas Prendre Un Tambour
A3.   Saurai-Je
A4.   Toi Je Ne T'Oublierai Pas
A5.   Avant De T'en Aller
A6.   Comme Tant D'Autres
B1.   J'Aurais Voulu
B2.   Nous Tous
B3.   L'Amour D'Un Garçon
B4.   Le Sais-Tu
B5.   L'Amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours
B6.   On Dit De Lui

Françoise Hardy ‎– The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl From Paris!(1962)

A1.   Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles = All The Boys And Girls
A2.   Ça A Raté = It Failed
A3.   La Fille Avec Toi = The Girl With You
A4.   Oh Oh Chéri = Oh Oh Cheri
A5.   Le Temps De L'Amour = The Time Of Love
A6.   Il Est Tout Pour Moi = He's All For Me
B1.   On Se Plait = As You Please
B2.   Ton Meilleur Ami = Your Best Friend
B3.   J'Ai Jeté Mon Cœur = I Threw Away My Heart
B4.   Il Est Parti Un Jour = He Left One Day
B5.   J'Suis D'Accord = I Agree
B6.   C'Est L'Amour Auquel Je Pense (I Think About Love)

Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino ‎– Concepts In Unity(1975)

A1.   Cuba Linda
A2.   Choco's Guajira
B1.   Anabacoa
B2.   Adelaida
B3.   Luz Delia
C1.   Carmen La Ronca
C2.   Canto Asoyin
C3.   Canto Ebioso
D1.   A Papa Y Mama
D2.   Iya Modupue