Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Capicua ‎– Medusa (2015)

01.   Medusa Ft. Valete
02.   Lupa (Octa Push Remix)
03.   Amigos Imaginários (Virtus Remix)
04.   Soldadinho (Sam The Kid Remix) Ft. Tamin
05.   Jugular (Roger Plexico Remix)
06.   Vayorken (White Haus Remix)
07.   Black Mamba (Puto Anderson [Firma Do Txiga] Remix)
08.   Barulho (Razat E Stereossauro Remix)
09.   Tabú (Marfox Remix)
10.   Maria Capaz (Ninja Kore Remix)
11.   Mão Pesada (Expeão Remix)
12.   Tabu (D-One Remix)
13.   Amigos Imaginários (DJ Ride Remix)
14.   Lupa (D-One Remix)
15.   Vayorken (Lewis M Remix)
16.   EgoTriptico (feat. M7)

Capicua ‎– Capicua (2012)

01.   Mão Cheia
02.   1º Dia
03.   Medo Do Medo
04.   Sagitário
05.   Hora Certa
06.   Os Heróis
07.   Judas & Dalilas
08.   Maria Capaz
09.   A Volta
10.   Terapia De Grupo
11.   Luas
12.   Casa No Campo
13.   Domingo
14.   A Última

Fat Freddy's Drop ‎– Bays (2015)

1.   >Wairunga Blues
2.   _Slings & Arrows
3.   //10 Feet Tall
4.   :Wheels
5.   _Razor
6.   (Makkan)
7.   >Fish In The Sea
8.   >Cortina Motors
9.   //Novak

Fat Freddy's Drop ‎– Dr Boondigga And The Big BW (2009)

1.   Big BW
2.   Shiverman
3.   Boondigga
4.   The Raft
5.   Pull The Catch
6.   The Camel
7.   The Nod
8.   Wild Wind
9.   Breakthrough

Fat Freddy's Drop ‎– Based On A True Story (2005)

01.   Ernie
02.   Cay's Cray
03.   This Room
04.   Ray Ray
05.   Dark Days
06.   Flashback
07.   Roady
08.   Wandering Eye
09.   Del Fuego
10.   Hope

Badmarsh & Shri ‎– Signs (2001)

01.   Signs
02.   Swarm
03.   Get Up
04.   Mountain Path
05.   Day By Day
06.   Soaring Beyond
07.   Sajanna
08.   Tribal
09.   Bang
10.   The Last Mile
11.   Appa

Rabih Abou-Khalil ‎– Em Português (2008)

01.   Como Um Rio
02.   No Mar Das Tuas Pernas
03.   A Lua Num Quarto
04.   Amarrado à Saudade
05.   Assim Já Não Dá
06.   Se O Meu Amor Me Pedisse
07.   Quando Te Vejo Sorrir
08.   Casa Da Mariquinhas
09.   Beijos Ateus
10.   A Gaivota Que Tu És
11.   Jogo Da Vida
12.   Adolescência Perdida

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions ‎– Rattlesnakes (1984)

Style: Pop Rock, Indie Rock
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label. Polydor, Geffen Records, Capitol Records

01.   Perfect Skin
02.   Speedboat
03.   Rattlesnakes
04.   Down On Mission Street
05.   Forest Fire
06.   Charlotte Street
07.   2CV
08.   Four Flights
09.   Patience
10.   Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?

Bass – Lawrence Donegan
Drums, Percussion [Tambourine] – Stephen Irvine
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Neil Clark
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Lloyd Cole
Keyboards – Blair Cowan
Written-By – Cole
Producer – Paul Hardiman
Arranged By – Anne Dudley, The Commotions

One of the finest debuts of the '80s, and possibly the defining album of the whole U.K. indie jangle scene that also included Prefab Sprout, Aztec Camera, and dozens of other bands, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' Rattlesnakes is a college rock masterpiece of smart, ironic lyrics and sympathetic folk-rock-based melodies. The Glasgow-based band (Lloyd Cole on guitar and vocals, Neil Clark on lead guitar, Blair Cowan on keyboards, Lawrence Donegan on bass, and Stephen Irvine on drums) has a level of interplay remarkable in a group that had been playing for less than two years, and for all the attention given to Cole's hyper-literate lyrics, the album's finest moments are things like the slinky interludes between the wry verses on the Renata Adler-inspired "Speedboat" and Clark's glorious extended solo at the end of the album's finest song, "Forest Fire." Originally released in the U.S. by Geffen but reissued on CD as part of Capitol's acquisition of the Commotions in 1988 (with the original cover, which had been changed for the Geffen release), Rattlesnakes consists of ten perfect, or close to it, pop songs in just a hair under 36 minutes. Kicking off with the group's first U.K. single, the impossibly wordy, stream-of-consciousness "Perfect Skin," the album is basically a series of verbal snapshots of love gone wrong among the overeducated and underemployed. Cole's low-pitched and surprisingly soulful -- for a philosophy student from the University of Glasgow, anyway -- voice flits between earnestness, compassion, and arch derision ("Must you tell me all your secrets when it's hard enough to love you knowing nothing?"), while his lyrics sketch incisive character studies filled with smart and funny one-liners, near-obsessive name-dropping, and references to enough novels and movies for a semester-long pop culture class. The title track, for example, is based on a key image from Joan Didion's stark Hollywood novel Play It as It Lays, and its chorus compares the song's heroine to Eva Marie Saint's character in the film On the Waterfront. In less skilled hands, this would all be unbearably pretentious, but Cole's sly sense of humor and self-mocking wit keep things on the right side of ambitious. The German CD of Rattlesnakes (Polydor 823 683) will be of interest to North American Commotions fans. The disc not only contains the original versions of three songs Geffen had Ric Ocasek remix for the U.S. release (which are also on the Capitol reissue); it also features a unique version of "Forest Fire" with the guitar solo coda extended by nearly 40 seconds and four B-sides from British singles of the period: "Sweetness," the wry Warhol superstars portrait "Andy's Babies," "The Sea and the Sand," and the phenomenal "You Will Never Be No Good." In any incarnation, Rattlesnakes is a classic. 
Stewart Mason  / AllMusic

Norberto Lobo ‎– Mel Azul (2012)

01.   Enzo Fought Back
02.   Lúcia Lima
03.   Vudu Xaile
04.   Valsa Da Greve Geral
05.   Rustenburger Str
06.   A Cor Do Demo
07.   Rua Da Palma Blues
08.   Golden Pony Blues
09.   Lisboa Ginásio
10.   Maga Raga
11.   Mel Azul (Moebius)