Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Jesus And Mary Chain ‎– Psychocandy (1985)

A1.   Just Like Honey
A2.   The Living End
A3.   Taste The Floor
A4.   The Hardest Walk
A5.   Cut Dead
A6.   In A Hole
A7.   Taste Of Cindy
B1.   Never Understand
B2.   Inside Me
B3.   Sowing Seeds
B4.   My Little Underground
B5.   You Trip Me Up
B6.   Something's Wrong
B7.   It's So Hard

Talking Heads ‎– The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads (1982)

1-01.   New Feeling
1-02.   A Clean Break (Let's Work)
1-03.   Don't Worry About The Government
1-04.   Pulled Up
1-05.   Psycho Killer
1-06.   Who Is It?
1-07.   The Book I Read
1-08.   The Big Country
1-09.   I'm Not In Love
1-10.   The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
1-11.   Electricity (Drugs)
1-12.   Found A Job
1-13.   Mind
1-14.   Artists Only
1-15.   Stay Hungry
1-16.   Air
1-17.   Love -> Building On Fire
1-18.   Memories (Can't Wait)
1-19.   Heaven
2-01.   Psycho Killer
2-02.   Warning Sign
2-03.   Stay Hungry
2-04.   Cities
2-05.   I Zimbra
2-06.   Drugs (Electricity)
2-07.   Once In A Lifetime
2-08.   Animals
2-09.   Houses In Motion
2-10.   Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
2-11.   Crosseyed And Painless
2-12.   Life During Wartime
2-13.   Take Me To The River
2-14.   The Great Curve

Talking Heads ‎– Stop Making Sense (1984)

A1.   Psycho Killer
A2.   Swamp
A3.   Slippery People
A4.   Burning Down The House
A5.   Girlfriend Is Better
B1.   Once In A Lifetime
B2.   What A Day That Was
B3.   Life During Wartime
B4.   Take Me To The River

Japan ‎– Oil On Canvas (1983)

A1.   Oil On Canvas
A2.   Sons Of Pioneers
A3.   Gentlemen Take Polaroids
A4.   Swing
B1.   Cantonese Boy
B2.   Visions Of China
B3.   Ghosts
B4.   Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer
C1    Nightporter
C2.   Still Life In Mobile Homes
C3.   Methods Of Dance
D1.   Quiet Life
D2.   The Art Of Parties
D3.   Canton
D4.   Temple Of Dawn