Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tuxedomoon ‎– Half-Mute / Scream With A View (2000)

01.   Nazca
02.   59 To 1
03.   Fifth Column
04.   Tritone (Musica Diablo)
05.   Loneliness
06.   James Whale
07.   What Use?
08.   Volo Vivace
09.   7 Years
10.   KM / Seeding The Clouds

Scream With A View
11.   Nervous Guy
12.   Where Interests Lie
13.   (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
14.   Midnite Stroll

Faust ‎– Faust (1971)

1.   Why Don't You Eat Carrots
2.   Meadow Meal
3.   Miss Fortune

Japan ‎– Exorcising Ghosts (1984)

A1.   Methods Of Dance
A2.   Swing
A3.   Gentlemen Take Polaroids
A4.   Quiet Life
B1.   A Foreign Place
B2.   Nightporter
B3.   My New Career
B4.   The Other Side Of Life
C1.   Visions Of China
C2.   Taking Islands In Africa
C3.   Ghosts
C4.   Sons Of Pioneers
D1.   Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer
D2.   Life Without Buildings
D3.   Talking Drum
D4.   The Art Of Parties