Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cicero - A Praia (2014)

01.   Frevo por acaso Nº2
02.   A Praia
03.   Camomila
04.   De passagem
05.   O bobo
06.   Soneto de Santa Cruz
07.   Isabel (carta de um pai aflito)
08.   Albatroz
09.   Cecília e a Máquina
10.   Terminal Alvorada

Fertile Ground ‎– Spiritual War (1999)

01.   Libations
02.   Spiritual War
03.   Broken Branches
04.   Be Natural
05.   Natural Reggae
06.   Holyman
07.   Peace & Love
08.   Misguided Warriors
09.   Groove
10.   Let The Wind Blow
11.   Colors Of The Night
12.   Runaway Slave
13.   Homage (Yesterday)
14.   Brazil
15.   My Friend The Moon
16.   New Born Grass
17.   June
18.   Dark Rain

Vozes e Ritmos do Oriente : Asia, Vol. 1 (1993)

01.   Dugyakh (Azerbaïdjan) — Dugyakh
02.   Evlandir (Azerbaijão) — Evlandir
03.   GulyarUigures (China) — Uigures
04.   Primavera branca Uigures (China) — Quim Possivel
05.   Papaya Pyarare Rajastão (Índia) — Pyarare
06.   Dhamar Rajastão (India) — Dharma
07.   Shomyo-Todai-Ji Omizutori (Japão) — Todai-Ji
08.   Biwa-Hosui-Nokkiri (Japão) — Nokkiri
09.   Bancen Sum (Mongólia) — Sum
10.   Joroo-Giin Joroo (Mongólia) — Joroo
11.   Shamas-Ud-Doha, Dabar-Ud-Doja (Paquistão) — Ud-Doha
12.   Tying Siirtuktiilerining Iri (Tuva) — Iri

Prince ‎– Sign "O" The Times (1987)

A1.   Sign "O" The Times
A2.   Play In The Sunshine
A3.   Housequake
A4.   The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
A5.   It
A6.   Starfish And Coffee
A7.   Slow Love
A8.   Hot Thing
A9.   Forever In My Life
B1.   U Got The Look
B2.   If I Was Your Girlfriend
B3.   Strange Relationship
B4.   I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
B5.   The Cross
B6.   It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
B7.   Adore

Junior Boys ‎– Begone Dull Care (2009)

1.   Parallel Lines
2.   Work
3.   Bits & Pieces
4.   Dull To Pause
5.   Hazel
6.   Sneak A Picture
7.   The Animator
8.   What It's For

Noël Coward ‎– The Revues (1977)

        London Calling:
A1.   Noël Coward - Parisian Pierrot
A2.   Maisie Gay - There's Life In The Old Girl Yet
A3.   Maisie Gay - What Love Means To Girls Like Me
        On With The Dance:
A4.   Noël Coward - Poor Little Rich Girl
A5.   Alice Delysia - Poor Little Rich Girl
        This Year Of Grace:
A6.   Noël Coward - A Room With A View
A7.   Noël Coward - Dance, Little Lady
A8.   Noël Coward - Mary Make Believe
B1.   Noël Coward - Try To Learn Love
B2.   Noël Coward - Lorelei
B3.   Noël Coward - A Dream Of Youth
        Cochrane's 1931 Revue:
B4.   Noël Coward - Half Caste Woman
B5.   Noël Coward - Any Little Fish
        Words And Music:
B6.   Noël Coward - Let's Say Goodbye
B7.   Noël Coward - Something To Do With Spring
B8.   Noël Coward - The Party's Over Now
C1.   Noël Coward - Mad Dogs And Englishmen
C2.   Doris Hare - Three White Feathers
C3.   Noël Coward - World Weary
C4.   Noël Coward - Mrs Worthington
C5.   Noël Coward - London Pride
        Sigh No More:
C6.   Noël Coward - I Wonder What Happenned To Him
C7.   Noël Coward - Sigh No More
C8.   Noël Coward - Matelot
D1.   Noël Coward - Nina
D2.   Noël Coward - Never Again
D3.   Noël Coward - Wait A Bit Joe
         The Lyric Revue:
D4.   Noël Coward - Don't Make Fun Of The Festival
         The Globe Revue:
D5.   Noël Coward - There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
D6.   Noël Coward -Time And Again
D7.   Noël Coward - Medley - Parisian Pierrot / Poor Little Rich Girl / A Room With A View / Dance
D8.   Noël Coward - Medley - Someday I'll Find You / Any Little Fish / If You Could Only Come With Me / I'll See You Again

Prince ‎– Lovesexy (1988)

A1.   I No
A2.   Alphabet St.
A3.   Glam Slam
A4.   Anna Stesia
B1.   Dance On
B2.   Lovesexy
B3.   When 2 R In Love
B4.   I Wish U Heaven
B5.   Positivity

Prince And The Revolution ‎– Purple Rain (1984)

A1.   Let's Go Crazy
A2.   Take Me With U
A3.   The Beautiful Ones
A4.   Computer Blue
A5.   Darling Nikki
B1.   When Doves Cry
B2.   I Would Die 4 U
B3.   Baby I'm A Star
B4.   Purple Rain

Prince ‎– 1999 (1983)

01.   1999
02.   Little Red Corvette
03.   Delirious
04.   Let's Pretend We're Married
05.   D.M.S.R.
06.   Automatic
07.   Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
08.   Free
09.   Lady Cab Driver
10.   All The Critics Love U In New York
11.   International Love