Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ryo Fukui ‎– Scenery (1976)

A1.   It Could Happen To You
A2.   I Want To Talk About You
A3.   Early Summer
B1.   Willow Weep For Me
B2.   Autumn Leaves
B3.   Scenery

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media ‎– Funky Stuff (1975)

A1.   Painted Paradise
A2.   Funky Motion
A3.   Breeze
A4.   Scratch
B5.   Funky Stuff
B6.   One For Jiro
B7.   Gentle Wave
B8.   Four Up

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media ‎– Head Rock (1970)

A1.   The Vamp
A2.   Twenty One
A3.   Spoonful
B1.   Back To Rack
B2.   High Jack
B3.   The Ground For Peace
B4.   Head Rock

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited ‎– Innocent Canon (1970)

1.   Introduction
2.   The Death Of Janis
3.   Go For Nothing
4.   Child&I
5.   Blue
6.   Alone
7.   Epilog

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited ‎– Sounds Of Sound L.T.D. (1970)

A1.   Theme~Mustache
A2.   Tak's Tune
A3.   Joint
B1.   Monster
B2.   Lullaby For Yuh
B3.   Scotland Scene
B4.   Theme

Friday, 14 October 2016

Coil ‎– Horse Rotorvator (1986)

A1.   The Anal Staircase
A2.   Slur
A3.   Babylero
A4.   Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)
A5.   Herald
A6.   Penetralia
B1.   Circles Of Mania
B2.   Blood From The Air
B3.   Who By Fire
B4.   The Golden Section
B5.   The First Five Minutes After Death

Van Morrison ‎– No Guru, No Method, No Teacher (1986)

A1.   Got To Go Back
A2.   Oh The Warm Feeling
A3.   Foreign Window
A4.   A Town Called Paradise
A5.   In The Garden
B1.   Tir Na Nog
B2.   Here Comes The Knight
B3.   Thanks For The Information
B4.   One Irish Rover
B5.   Ivory Tower

Neil Young + Crazy Horse‎– Ragged Glory (1990)

01.   Country Home
02.   White Line
03.   F*!#in' Up
04.   Over And Over
05.   Love To Burn
06.   Farmer John
07.  Mansion On The Hill
08.   Days That Used To Be
09.   Love And Only Love
10.   Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)

Neil Young ‎– Old Ways (1985)

A1.   Wayward Wind
A2.   Get Back To The Country
A3.   Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
A4.   Once An Angel
A5.   Misfits
B1.   California Sunset
B2.   Old Ways
B3.   My Boy
B4.   Bound For Glory
B5.   Where Is The Highway Tonight?

Neil Young ‎– Harvest (1972)

A1.   Out On The Weekend
A2.   Harvest
A3.   A Man Needs A Maid
A4.   Heart Of Gold
A5.   Are You Ready For The Country?
B1.   Old Man
B2.   There's A World
B3.   Alabama
B4.   The Needle And The Damage Done
B5.   Words (Between The Lines Of Age)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Orchestre Rouge ‎– More Passion Fodder (1983)

A1.   Seconds Grate
A2.   Where Family Happens (Slow Death Kicking)
A3.   Chief Joseph Heinmot Tooyalaket
A4.   The Perfect Drunk
A5.   Think Of All The Starving Children In India (Jesus Christ, Ha, Ha, I'm Sick)
B1.   Catholic Eyes
B2.   Red Orange Blue (Part 2)
B3.   Saleté
B4.   A Scent Versus A War

Orchestre Rouge ‎– Yellow Laughter (1982)

A1.   Soon Come Violence
A2.   Je Cherche Une Drogue (Qui Ne Fait Pas Mal)
A3.   Soft Kiss
A4.   Red Orange Blue
A5.   Hole In His Thigh
B1.   The Consul
B2.   Speakerine
B3.   Slugs
B4.   Crows

VA – Sonar Kollektiv (2001)

01.   Pathless - Goddess
02.   Soul Quality Quartet - I'm Not Here
03.   DJ Ghe - Afutatam
04.   Stereoton - Kick Me Off
05.   Daniel Paul & Tobe - My Day
06.   Extended Spirit - Illicity Pt.2
07.   Meitz - Can You Live
08.   Moon - Twisted Soul
09.   Fleck - Tears
10.   Justine Electra - I Feel Like Crying
11.   Nootropik - Quatre Neuf
12.   Meitz - (Mayibuye I) Africa (Restless Soul Mix)
13.   RAS - Exit Routine
14.   Static - Enceladus
15.   Micatone - Run

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Monochrome Set ‎– The Lost Weekend (1985)

A1.   Jacob's Ladder
A2.   Sugarplum
A3.   Cargo
A4.   Take Foz
A5.   Letter From Viola
B1.   Don't Touch
B2.   The Twitch
B3.   Wallflower
B4.   Starry Nowhere
B5.   Boom Boom
B6.   Cowboy Country

The Monochrome Set ‎– "Strange Boutique" (1980)

A1.   The Monochrome Set (I Presume)
A2.   The Lighter Side Of Dating
A3.   Espresso
A4.   The Puerto Rican Fence Climber
A5.   Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
A6.   Martians Go Home
B1.   Love Goes Down The Drain
B2.   Ici Les Enfants
B3.   The Etcetera Stroll
B4.   Goodbye Joe
B5.   The Strange Boutique

John Cale ‎– EP: Extra Playful (2011)

1.   Catastrofuk
2.   Whaddya Mean By That
3.   Hey Ray
4.   Pile A L’Heure
5.   Perfection

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Stewart Copeland ‎– The Rhythmatist (1985)

A1.   Koteja (Oh Bolilla)
A2.   Brazzaville
A3.   Liberte
A4.   Coco
A5.   Kemba
B1.   Samburu Sunset
B2.   Gong Rock
B3.   Franco
B4.   Serengeti Long Walk
B5.   African Dream

Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1 ‎– Noir Et Blanc (1983)

A1.   M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba
A2.   Mangungu
A3.   Dju Ya Feza
A4.   Munipe Wa Kati
B1.   Eh! Yaye
B2.   Mama Lenvo
B3.   Lamuka
B4.   Keba
B5.   Woa

Walter Wanderley ‎– Rain Forest (1966)

A1.   Summer Samba (Samba De Verao)
A2.   It's Easy To Say Good-Bye (E Fazil Dizer Adeus)
A3.   Cried, Cried (Chorou, Chorou)
A4.   Rain (Chuva)
A5.   The Girl From Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema)
A6.   Beloved Melancholy (Saudade Querida)
B1.   Taste Of Sadness (Cheiro De Saudades)
B2.   Beach Samba (Bossa Na Praia)
B3.   Call Me
B4.   Cry Out Your Sadness (Chora Tua Tristeza)
B5.   The Great Love (O Grande Amor)
B6.   Song Of The Jet (Samba Do Aviao)

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Alegre All Stars ‎– They Just Don't Makim Like Us Any More (1976)

A1.   El Manicero
A2.   Yumbambe
A3.   El Sopon
A4.   Ay Camino Y Ven
B1.   Manteca
B2.   Sono Sono
B3.   Estoy Buscando A Kako
B4.   Se Acabo Lo Que Se Daba

Dave Pike ‎– Jazz For The Jet Set (1966)

A1.   Blind Man Blind Man
A2.   Jet Set
A3.   Sunny
A4.   When I'm Gone
B1.   You've Got Your Troubles
B2.   Sweet Tater Pie
B3.   Just Say Goodbye
B4.   Devilette

Melodiya Ensemble ‎– Лабиринт / Labyrinth (1974)

A1.   Лабиринт / Labyrinth
A2.   Марина / Marina
B1.   Ленкорань / The City Of Lenkoran
B2.   Fiery River (Огненная Р

Au Pairs ‎– Sense And Sensuality (1982)

A1.   Don't Lie Back
A2.   (That's When) It's Worth It
A3.   Instant Touch
A4.   Sex Without Stress
A5.   Fiasco
B1.   Intact
B2.   Tongue In Cheek
B3.   Stepping Out Of Line
B4.   Shakedown
B5.   America

Au Pairs ‎– Playing With A Different Sex (1981)

Style: New Wave, Post-Punk
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Human Records, Planet Records

A1.   We're So Cool
A2.   Love Song
A3.   Set-Up
A4.   Repetition
A5.   Headache (For Michelle)
B1.   Come Again
B2.   Armagh
B3.   Unfinished Business
B4.   Dear John
B5.   It's Obvious

Credits: Bass – Jane Drums – Peted Saxophone – Lindy Vocals, Guitar – Lesley, Paul Written-By – Munro, Woods, Foad, Hammond Producer – Au Pairs, Ken, Martin

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Nomade Orquestra ‎– Nomade Orquestra (2016)

01.   Samurai
02.   Sonhos de Tóquio
03.   Bedum
04.   Humaitá
05.   Morning Birds
06.   Vênus
07.   Garuda
08.   Doce Agonia
09.   Dragão Do Mar
10.   Fuego Policía
11.   Rádio ABC
12.   A Última Que Morre
13.   A Vida Vem Em Ondas