Friday, 30 December 2016

Rocky Marsiano ‎– Ritmo & Suor (Sketches, Ideas & Sounds) (2016)

01.   Vamu Lá
02.   Manele
03.   Mar Azul
04.   Bate Forte
05.   Na Roda
06.   Rainha
07.   Amigo Rui
08.   Los de Riba
09.   Nas Ruas
10.   Na Lama
11.   Fuga
12.   Merengue Gold
13.   Abid's Jam
14.   O Canto

Wire ‎– Nocturnal Koreans (2016)

1.   Nocturnal Koreans
2.   Internal Exile
3.   Dead Weight
4.   Forward Position
5.   Numbered
6.   Still
7.   Pilgrim Trade
8.   Fishes Bones

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam ‎– I Had A Dream That You Were Mine (2016)

01.   A 1000 Times
02.   Sick As A Dog
03.   Rough Going (I Won't Let Up)
04.   In A Black Out
05.   Peaceful Morning
06.   When The Truth Is...
07.   The Bride's Dad
08.   You Ain't That Young Kid
09.   The Morning Stars
10.   1959

Whitney ‎– Light Upon the Lake (2016)

01.   No women
02.   The falls
03.   Golden days
04.   Dave's song
05.   Light upon the lake
06.   No matter where we go
07.   On my own
08.   Red moon
09.   Polly
10.   Follow

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions ‎– Until The Hunter (2016)

01.   Into The Trees
02.   The Peasant
03.   A Wonderful Seed
04.   Let Me Get There
05.   Day Disguise
06.   Treasure
07.   Salt Of The Sea
08.   The Hiking Song
09.   Isn't It True
10.   I Took A Slip
11.   Liquid Lady

Maria Gadú ‎– Guelã (2015)

01.   Suspiro
02.   Obloco
03.   Ela
04.   Semi-voz
05.   Trovoa
06.   Sakédu
07.   Tecnopapiro
08.   Há
09.   Vaga
10.   Aquária

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators ‎– Happiness In Every Style (2015)

01.   One In A Million
02.   Where Are You Now
03.   Let's Communicate
04.   Angel
05.   Bad Viberations (Instrumental)
06.   Together We Climb
07.   Open Sky
08.   Paint Me In A Corner
09.   Thief In The Night
10.   Vulture's Prayer (Instrumental)
11.   Hot Sauce

Eska ‎– Eska (2015)

01.   This Is How A Garden Grows
02.   Gatekeeper
03.   Rock Of Ages
04.   Boundaries
05.   She's In The Flowers
06.   Shades Of Blue
07.   Heroes & Villains
08.   To Be Remembered
09.   Dear Evelyn
10.   So Long Eddy

The Greg Foat Group ‎– The Dancers At The Edge Of Time (2015)

01.   The Dancers At The End Of Time
02.   The Door Into Summer
03.   The Hunt
04.   Hygeia
05.   The Dancers At The End Of Time (Reprise)
06.   The Eye of Horus
07.   Riff For Raff
08.   Love Theme
09.   Rocken End
10.   The Eye Of Horus (Alternate Take)

Sax On The Road ‎– Kif Kif Van (2015)

01.   Mouraria Music Club
02.   The road to Algeciras
03.   El Estrecho
04.   Perdidos na Medina
05.   Fuga para o Deserto
06.   Sables brûlants
07.   Dirham Dirham
08.   Marrakech Nigthlife
09.   Al-Suwayra
10.   Casablanca Expressway

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Holger Hiller ‎– Little Present (1995)

01.   Children's Songs ... (Story And Atmosphere)
02.   Children's Songs ... (Music Track)
03.   ... And Favourite Videos (Story And Atmosphere)
04.   ... And Favourite Videos (Music Track)
05.   Train Stations And Their Melodies (Story And Atmosphere)
06.   Train Stations And Their Melodies (Music Track)
07.   Happy To Go Shopping (Story And Atmosphere)
08.   Happy To Go Shopping (Music Track)
09.   CNN (Story And Atmosphere)
10.   CNN (Music Track)
11.   Fresh Young Girls In Commercials (Story And Atmosphere)
12.   Fresh Young Girls In Commercials (Music Track)
13.   Busy Loudspeakers In Shinjuku (Story And Atmosphere)
14.   Busy Loudspeakers In Shinjuku (Music Track)
15.   Everybody Having A Good Time (Story And Atmosphere)
16.   Everybody Having A Good Time (Music Track)
17.   Drive To Yokohama (Story And Atmosphere)
18.   Drive To Yokohama (Music Track)
19.   Dozing Off In Front Of The TV (Story And Atmosphere)
20.   Dozing Off In Front Of The TV (Music Track)
21.   Toy Telephone (Story And Atmosphere)
22.   Toy Telephone (Music Track)
23.   Ride Through The Suburbs (Story And Atmosphere)
24.   Ride Through The Suburbs (Music Track) Ft. Nightmares On Wax
25.   While Leaving (Story And Atmosphere)
26.   While Leaving (Music Track)

Brian Bennett ‎– Rock Dreams / Voyage (1997)

01.   Rock Dreams (Introduction)
02.   Rock & Roll Dreamer
03.   Banja Booga
04.   Rave On
05.   Milwaukee Massacre
06.   C'mom Everybody
07.   Thunderbolt
08.   Saturday Night Special
09.   The Girls Back Home
10.   Wallop
11.   Farewell To A Friend
12.   Drum Odyssey
13.   Rock Dreams (Finale)
14.   Voyage
15.   Solstice
16.   Chain Reaction
17.   Pendulum Force
18.   Air Quake
19.   Ocean Glide

Jorge Mautner ‎– Mil E Uma Noites De Bagdá (1976)

A1.   Homenagem À Oxalá
A2.   Rainha Do Egito
A3.   Sambo Jambo
A4.   Bolinhas De Gude
A5.   Ai, Ai, Ai
A6.   O Som Do Meu Violino
B1.   Mil E Uma Noites De Bagdá
B2.   Aeroplanos
B3.   Samba Dos Meses
B4.   Txim-Plam
B5.   Chave Do Tesouro
B6.   Diamante Costurado No Umbigo

Jorge Mautner ‎– Jorge Mautner (1974)

A1.   Guzzy Muzzy
A2.   Pipoca À Meia Noite
A3.   Cinco Bombas Atômicas
A4.   Ginga De Mandinga
A5.   Rock Da TV
A6.   Samba Dos Animais
B1.   Herói Das Estrelas
B2.   Matemática Do Desejo
B3.   Nababo Ê
B4.   O Relógio Quebrou
B5.   Salto No Escuro
B6.   Maracatu Atômico
B7.   Um Milhão De Pequenos Raios

Jorge Mautner ‎– Para Iluminar A Cidade (1972)

A1.   Super Mulher
A2.   Olhar Bestial
A3.   Estrela Da Noite
A4.   Chuva Princesa
A5.   Anjo Infernal
B1.   Quero Ser Locomotiva
B2.   Sheridan Square
B3.   From Faraway
B4.   Sapo Cururu

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lambchop ‎– Is A Woman (2001)

01.   The Daily Growl
02.   The New Cobweb Summer
03.   My Blue Wave
04.   I Can Hardly Spell My Name
05.   The Gusher
06.   Autumn's Vicar
07.   Flick
08.   Caterpillar
09.   D. Scott Parsley
10.   Bugs
11.   The Old Matchbook Trick
12.   Is A Woman

Sven Libaek ‎– The Set (1969)

A01.   Start Growing Up Now
A02.   The Set
A03.   Thoughts Of Regret
A04.   You'll Love It
A05.   Love Me
A06.   Night Ride
A07.   Suicide
A08.   That's Peg's Affair
A09.   Touching Hands
A10.   Opus
B01.   The Fate Of Life
B02.   Come And See
B03.   That's Peg's Affair
B04.   That's What I'm After
B05.   The Youngsters
B06.   Where The Daring Go
B07.   To The Maestro
B08.   Partytime At Bronski's
B09.   Start Growing Up Now

Sven Libaek ‎– Nature Walkabout (1966)

A1.   Nature Walkabout (Main Theme)
A2.   Bush Theme
A3.   Water And Waves
A4.   Nature Waltz
A5.   Excitement (Three Moods)
A6.   Desert
A7.   Peaceful Landscape
A8.   Danger
B1.   Lonely Australian Landcape
B2.   Dancing Penguins
B3.   Birds In Flight
B4.   Snake Danger
B5.   Budgerigars Fantasy
B6.   Danger Elements
B7.   Peaceful Landscape, Pt. 2
B8.   Fun Music

Friday, 23 December 2016

Terry Riley ‎– The Harp Of New Albion (1986)

A1.   The New Albion Chorale / The Discovery
B1.   The Orchestra Of Tao
B2.   Riding The Westerleys
C1.   Cadence Of The Wind
C2.   Premonition Bag
C3.   Return Of The Ancestors
C4.   Ascending Whale Dreams
D1.   The Magic Knot Waltz
D2.   Circle Of Wolves
D3.   Land's End

Terry Riley ‎– No Man's Land (1984)

A1.   Jewel Movement
A2.   Medusa's Refrain (Part Two)
A3.   A Spark From The Infinite (Part Two)
A4.   Return From The Dream Collector
B1.   Jaipur Local
B2.   Blue Anthem
B3.   A Spark From The Infinite (Part One)
B4.   Medusa's Refrain (Part One)

Terry Riley ‎– Shri Camel (1980)

A1.   Anthem Of The Trinity
A2.   Celestial Valley
B1.   Across The Lake Of The Ancient Word
B2.   Desert Of Ice

Terry Riley ‎– Happy Ending (1972)

A.   Journey From The Death Of A Friend
B.   Happy Ending

Terry Riley ‎– Persian Surgery Dervishes (1972)

Performance One
A.   Face 1
B.   Face 2
Performance Two
C.   Face 1
D.   Face 2

Terry Riley ‎– A Rainbow In Curved Air (1969)

A.   A Rainbow In Curved Air
B.   Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band

Terry Riley ‎– In C (1968)

1.   In C