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Madredeus ‎– Os Dias Da Madredeus (1988)

Genre: Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Warner Music Portugal, Parlophone, EMI

01.   As Montanhas (Instrumental)
02.   A Sombra
03.   A Vaca De Fogo
04.   Os Pássaros Quando Morrem Caem No Céu (Instrumental)
05.   A Estrada Do Monte
06.   Adeus... E Nem Voltei
07.   A Península (Instrumental)
08.   A Cantiga Do Campo
09.   Fado Do Mindelo
10.   A Marcha Da Oriental (Instrumental)
11.   A Cidade
12.   Maldito Dia Aziago
13.   A Andorinha (Instrumental)
14.   O Brasil
15.   O Meu Amor Vai Embora
16.   Amanhã

Music By – Gabriel Gomes, Pedro Ayres Magalhães, Rodrigo Leão
Producer, Arranged By – Pedro Ayres Magalhães
Recorded By – Miguel Gonçalves, Pedro Vasconcelos
Lyrics By – António Jorge Pacheco, Francisco Menezes, Gomes Leal, Pedro Ayres Magalhães
Featuring – Francisco Ribeiro, Gabriel Gomes, Pedro Ayres Magalhães, Rodrigo Leão, Teresa Salgueiro

Os Dias da Madredeus, Madredeus' debut album on the Portuguese market, offered for the first time the group's appealing and remarkable compositions. The record exposed the sole musical mission of the Portuguese ensemble. Providing sole compositions, Madredeus settled their musical course in between the original Portuguese fado and influences ranging from Brazilian music to classical musical inflections. Leaded by the voice of Teresa Salgueiro and by the delicate and melodious creations of Pedro Ayres Magalhães, Gabriel Gomes, and Rodrigo Leão, the ensemble started gaining their legion of followers precisely after the record originally hit the record stores in 1987. "A Vaca de Fogo," the record's third track, swiftly became the group's most recognizable theme due to its joyful rhythmic features and exclusive arrangements. Still, the whole of the work expressed through the album mostly reveals Madredeus' nostalgic musical endeavors, strengthened by way of their gloomy musical direction and enlightened by the sorrow and hurtful lyrics unveiled by Salgueiro's unique vocalizations. "Fado do Mindelo," "Maldito Dia Aziago," and "Amanhã" are just three of the album's most noted tracks, again sustaining the unique character of Madredeus' conceptions, initiating a musical path that eventually conquered fans all over the world. 
Mario Mesquita / AllMusic

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