Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul With The Honeymoon Killers ‎– Ex-Futur Album (2014)

Style: Avantgarde, Europop
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Crammed Discs 

01.   Chez Les Aborigènes
02.   Afflux De Luxe
03.   Je Pleure Tout Le Temps
04.   Veronika Winken
05.   Réveillons-Nous
06.   I'm Always Crying
07.   My Kind Of Doll
08.   Luxurious Dub
09.   Le Troisième Personnage
10.   The Aboriginal Variations

Bonus Tracks
11.   Réveillons-Nous (Live)
12.   Mit Den Eingeborenen (Live)
13.   I'm Always Remixing

How unique, Véronique 
Over and above the rose tint imparted by cyclical fads, whereby the formerly derided music and moustaches of a given decade briefly become perceived as cool again, there’s a particular strain of early 80s pop which would appear to have weathered the years very robustly indeed. For a shining moment, anarchic avant-gardoids walked arm-in-arm with Smash Hits readers, and neither side found anything remotely remarkable about it. 
In just such a manner, Ex-Futur Album represents the time-capsule of a project that could – and should – have brought home plenty of bananas in 1983, but which instead was destined to languish, incomplete, on a studio shelf – until now. After making two coolly uncompromising, come-with- Zappa-to-the-casbah albums with his band Aksak Maboul, Crammed Discs founder Marc Hollander entered into fecund collaboration with coltish chanteuse Véronique Vincent and her band The Honeymoon Killers. The too-few results constitute electro-pop ambrosia, combining the scampering drum-machine textures and gamine charm of Young Marble Giants with sexy, supple, “ethnological forgery” rhythms. Afflux De Luxe and Veronika Winken are lighter than helium, Réveillons-Nous has a whirling groove you could draw out snake venom with – particularly the percussive live version – and the facetious English lyrics of My Kind Of Doll (“We make love in the back of his pram”) are adorably abstruse. 
Source:  recordcollectormag.com


  1. Thank you very much for the beautiful albums but every time I try to download I get some advertizing and never the download link.
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  2. OK I got it. Thank you again!

  3. Thanks very much for this one. I did not know this musicians but sound great. Been a Belgium music fan for some time with bands like X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society!
    Oh! and by the way, great blog design change, looks fabulous!