Monday, 19 March 2018

Virginia Astley ‎– Had I The Heavens (1997)

01.   It's Over Now
02.   Over The Edge Of The World
03.   Nothing Is As It Seems
04.   Broken
05.   Where I Belong (A Thousand Nights)
06.   I Can't Say Goodbye
07.   Had I The Heavens
08.   Another Road
09.   How Can I Do This To You
10.   I Know A Tune We Could Sing
11.   A Long Long Year

Virginia Astley ‎– All Shall Be Well (1992)

01.   My Smallest Friend
02.   All Shall Be Well
03.   You Take Me Away
04.   I Live For The Day
05.   Love's Eloquence
06.   Although I Know
07.   Martin
08.   Blue Sky, White Sky
09.   How I Miss You
10.   My Smallest Friend (Instrumental)

Virginia Astley ‎– Hope In A Darkened Hear (1986)

A1.   Some Small Hope (Vocals – David Sylvian)
A2.   A Father
A3.   So Like Dorian
A4.   I'm Sorry
B1.   Tree Top Club
B2.   Charm
B3.   Love's A Lonely Place To Be
B4.   A Summer Long Since Passed
B5.   Darkness Has Reached Its End

Virginia Astley ‎– Tender (1985)

A1.   Tender
B1.   Mindless Days
B2.   Tender (Instrumental)
B3.   A Long Time Ago

Virginia Astley ‎– Promise Nothing (1983)

A1.   We Will Meet Them Again
A2.   Arctic Death
A3.   Angel Crying
A4.   Sanctus
B1.   Love's A Lonely Place To Be
B2.   Soaring
B3.   Futility
B4.   A Summer Long Since Passed
B5.   It's Too Hot To Sleep

Virginia Astley ‎– From Gardens Where We Feel Secure (1983)

A1.   With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
A2.   A Summer Long Since Past
A3.   From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
A4.   Hiding In The Ha-Ha
B1.   Out On The Lawn I Lie In Bed
B2.   Too Bright For Peacocks
B3.   Summer Of Their Dreams
B4.   When The Fields Were On Fire
B5.   It's Too Hot To Sleep