Sunday, 21 January 2018

Jean Jacques Perrey ‎– Moog Indigo (1970)

A1.   Soul City
A2.   E.V.A.
A3.   The Rose And The Cross
A4.   Cat In The Night
A5.   Flight Of The Bumblebee
A6.   Moog Indigo
B1.   Gossipo Perpetuo
B2.   Country Rock Polka
B3.   The Elephant Never Forgets
B4.   18th Century Puppet
B5.   Hello Dolly
B6.   Passport To The Future

Perrey / Kingsley ‎– Kaleidoscopic Vibrations (1967)

A1.   The Savers
A2.   Umbrellas Of Cherbourg
A3.   Strangers In The Night
A4.   One Note Samba - Spanish Flea
A5.   Lover's Concerto
A6.   Third Man Theme
A7.   Fallout
B1.   Baroque Hoedown
B2.   Winchester Cathedral
B3.   Carousel Of The Planets
B4.   Toy Balloons
B5.   Moon River
B6.   Mas Que Nada
B7.   Pioneers Of The Stars

Jean Jacques Perrey ‎– The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound Of Jean Jacques Perrey (1968)

A1.   Mary Frances
A2.   The Little Ships
A3.   Island In Space
A4.   The Mexican Cactus
A5.   Porcupine Rock
A6.   The Little Girl From Mars
A7.   Mister James Bond
B1.   Frère Jean Jacques
B2.   Brazilian Flower
B3.   In The Heart Of A Rose
B4.   The Minuet Of The Robots
B5.   Four, Three, Two, One
B6.   Gypsy In Rio

Perrey / Kingsley ‎– The In Sound From Way Out! (1966)

A1.   Unidentified Flying Object
A2.   The Little Man From Mars
A3.   Cosmic Ballad
A4.   Swan's Splashdown
A5.   Countdown At 6
A6.   Barnyard In Orbit
B1.   Spooks In Space
B2.   Girl From Venus
B3.   Electronic Can-Can
B4.   Jungle Blues From Jupiter
B5.   Computer In Love
B6.   Visa To The Stars