Wednesday, 17 January 2018

S. E. Rogie ‎– Palm Wine Guitar Music (The 60's Sound) (1988)

A1.   Twist With The Morning Stars
A2.   Please Go Easy With Me
A3.   Do Me Justice
A4.   I Wish I Was A Cowboy
A5.   She Caught Me Red Hot
A6.   A Time In My Life
B1.   My Lovely Elizabeth
B2.   Advice To Schoolgirls
B3.   Baby Lef Marah
B4.   Nyalima Nyapoi
B5.   Easy Baby
B6.   Man Stupid Being

Steve Coleman's Natal Eclipse ‎– Morphogenesis (2017)

1.   Inside Game
2.   Pull Counter
3.   Roll Under and Angles
4.   NOH
5.   Morphing
6.   Shoulder Roll
7.   SPAN
8.   Dancing and Jabbing
9.   Horda