Sunday, 5 August 2018

Microdisney ‎– Everybody Is Fantastic (1984)

Style: Pop Rock, New Wave
Format CD, Vinyl
Label: Cherry Red

01.   Idea
02.   A Few Kisses
03.   Escalator In The Rain
04.   Dolly
05.   Dreaming Drains
06.   I'll Be A Gentleman
07.   Moon
08.   Sun
09.   Sleepless
10.   Come On Over And Cry
11.   This Liberal Love
12.   Before Famine
13.   Everybody Is Dead

Yes, I agree that this is a five star album. The vocals are stunning, the lyrics deeper than nearly any in rock history. That's not hyperbole. Cathal Coughlan doesn't deliver a single tossed off line. Every line has depth and meaning, and show an almost frightening insight into what it means to be human. And the music provides just the epic grandeur the lyrics deserve. This disc is Sean O'Hagan's crowning achievement as a musician. But what frustrates me is that I'm not a music critic, nor do I want to be. But I do know this is a life-changing work of art and to hear some informed insights as to why that might be would be very welcome. I've been forced to the conclusion that Microdisney and Cathal's later work with the Fatima Mansions, as well as solo, were wilfuly ignored because, at some level, we're frightened by what he had to say. It's always perfectly expressed and his conclusions are not optimistic. In both miniature encounters and sweeping overviews, he has painted a picture of our civilization in the process of a collapse both irreversible and deserved. No one likes confronting this brutal truth. So maybe if we ignored Coughlan he'd go away. And so, it appears, he has. But that doesn't make what we see in the mirror he held to our face any less true. It boggles my mind that there are those out there who'd endow a selfish, abusive blowhard like Jim Morrison with the title 'poet', when the real thing was blazing before our eyes for nearly two decades. Rather than look straight at what Coughlan's visionary power and gift of expression showed us -the ugly truth - we swooned over him and those like him. The only lyricist who comes close to Cathal Coughlan was Ian Curtis of Joy Division. He saw the same reality and made the informed decision to end his life.
Ted Lesser / AllMusic

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