Tuesday, 11 July 2017

SPK ‎– Oceania - In Performance 1987 (1988)

01.   Oceania
02.   The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice
03.   Breathless
04.   Mouth To Mouth
05.   Kambuja
06.   Crack!
07.   Seduction
08.   Dies Irae
09.   In Flagrante Delicto
10.   Necropolis
11.   In The Dying Moments

SPK ‎– Digitalis Ambigua, Gold And Poison (1987)

01.   Breathless
02.   Mouth To Mouth
03.   Sheer Naked Aggression
04.   Crack!
05.   The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice
06.   Invocation
07.   White Island
08.   Palms Crossed In Sorrow
09.   Alocasia Metallica
10.   The Garden Of Earthly Delights

SPK ‎– Machine Age Voodoo (1984)

A1.   Machine Age Voodoo
A2.   With Love From China
A3.   High Tension
A4.   One World
B1.   Flesh And Steel
B2.   Metropolis
B3.   Metal Dance
B4.   Seduction
B5.   Crime Of Passion

SPK ‎– Auto-Da-Fé (1983)

A1.   Kontakt
A2.   Germanik
A3.   Mekano
A4.   Retard
A5.   Slogun
B1.   Metall Field
B2.   Walking On Dead Steps
B3.   A Heart That Breaks In No Time Or Place

SPK ‎– From Science To Ritual (1983)

A1.   The Last Night Of Tibet
A2.   Napalm
A3.   Funk 2
A4.   Metal Field Musick
A5.   Day Of Pigs
A6.   Agony Of The Plasm
A7.   Twilights Of The Idols
B1.   Another Dark Age
B2.   Cultures In Decay
B3.   Serenace
B4.   Angst Pop

SPK ‎– Leichenschrei (1982)

Seite )) Lysso ((
A1.   Genetik Transmission
A2.   Post - Mortem
A3.   Desolation
A4.   Napalm / Terminal Patient
A5.   Cry From The Sanatorium
A6.   Baby Blue Eyes
A7.   Israel
A8.   Internal Bleeding
A9.   Chamber Musik
Seite )) Klono ((
B1.   Despair
B2.   The Agony Of The Plasma
B3.   Day Of Pigs
B4.   Wars Of Islam
B5.   Maladia Europa (The European Sickness)